The Nintendo Switch has been out for almost a month now (don’t worry, Kuniku will be posting about the console and Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild soon!) and with more games being added to the eshop, you may want to give Snipperclips a try if you’re looking to end friendships or long term relationships. ‘But why would I fall out with my friends?’ I hear you ask, well, I’ll tell you… Snipperclips is a cartoon style, puzzle game in which you and up to three mates cut each other into shapes and work together to clear levels. Simple right? Yeah, you just wait until you cut someone into the wrong shape… you’ll never hear the end of it. NEVER. Arguments aside, Snipperclips offers three game modes for you to get stuck in to which can provide a few hours of entertainment if you don’t end up throwing your JoyCons across the room in a rage.

The ‘story’ style mode in which you start off with some easier tasks to complete before the difficulty gradually increases and more intricate snipping is required to work out the best way to complete levels. Overall, the concept for this mode is really simple but also well executed and does exactly what Nintendo and SFB Games said it would do which is provide an opportunity for fun social gaming which a little bit of a challenge thrown in. There are sixty six puzzles in total with fourty five in this mode which you can do alone or with a friend. Going alone means that you will switch between characters and control them both allowing you to complete this mode and have bragging rights that you managed to do it by yourself… or alternatively cry yourself to sleep because no one was around to play this game with you. The solo experience isn’t as enjoyable as actually chatting to a friend and working together to get through the puzzle allowing you to carry out a well deserved high five… it’s just not the same on your own.

If you do get some friends over however, there are another twenty one puzzles in the co-op mode for two to four players. This are a little more challenging but they don’t overwhelm you just because there are more players. Again, if there are reduced numbers, you can control the other characters to complete the puzzle which actually works quite well when you remember which ones you are in charge of. These puzzles are a little more challenging and require a little more communication or coordinating between the players in order to finish them but similarly to the two player only mode, you can work these puzzles out together.

The final mode is like an arcade vs option in which two to four players can play mini games and go head to head playing air hockey, basketball and Sumo wrestling. That’s right, I said Sumo Wrestling in which you basically try and snip your opponent out of existence. I found this mode really fun as it is a little more competitive and silly but I wouldn’t spend hours in this vs mode unless it was winner stays on and no one could beat me or we could turn it into some sort of drinking game. This mode would be fun for a younger audience whose attention may not be drawn to the puzzle aspect.

My only real issue with the game is that there isn’t more of it and I would really like to see a free update from Nintendo in which another twenty puzzles are on offer and allow you to get the gang around again for an evening of social gaming. Graphically, the game is cute, bright and cartoon-like with a simple layout and ‘character’ style. The objectives are clearly laid out with no fuss or hidden agendas so you can get cracking straight away. With regards to the actual gameplay, again it’s not overly complicated which allows you to co-coordinate your snipping with your friends easily. You have the option to rotate, snip, reset and jump. Short, sweet and no fuss. It’s all about how you use these controls to get snipped into the best shape for the job and when you slip and cut a little bit too much off, you’re safe in the knowledge that your partner can reset and you can try again without having to redo the level from the start.

I really enjoy Snipperclips and it is a very charming game. While it doesn’t show off the technical aspects of the console, it stays true to Nintendo’s core social gaming ideal at its heart. If you are looking for a cheaper multiplayer option for the console in these early days since release, I would recommend Snipperclips for some fun and frolicks with friends whether you’re at home or out and about using the tabletop mode. Snipperclips is available on the eshop or from certain retailers for around £17.99 and if you’re not ready to commit just yet, there is a free demo on the online store for you to try out.


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