Venom In-Ear Stereo Headset Review

Our good friends at Venom have presented us with another gift to review in the form an awesome new In-Ear Stereo Gaming Headset. I recently did an unboxing video for this that you can watch at the bottom of the review. I have up until now been using another Venom headset that is a standard over the ear headset which I love and have always had great quality from but personally I have always loved a good in-ear headphone when they stay in. I had intended to have this review up earlier and included coverage for using this with devices such as the Elgato and Hauppauge capture cards but due to some hardware issues, I have been unable to. I will be doing a second piece on this when I have solved those problems.

Now I mentioned the one problem I have always had with in-ear headphones and that is trying to keep the little blighters in your ears. Well, fear not for these beauties have really comfortable clips that will fit around your ears to keep them in tight without causing any discomfort. The buds that are included will have you covered for all sizes of ears also with a very comfy fit that will make sure that all the audio you hear is clean and crisp. I’ve spoken with a couple of friends regarding the over or in-ear style and a lot of people seem to have a preference to the in-ear style. The design of the earphones themselves is very compact with a nice plastic overlay that holds the Venom logo. The left earphone is where you will locate the detachable microphone, this is a solid addition to the piece which I will come back to later for another reason. The microphone plugs straight in with no fuss and bends easily to fit the shape of your face but feels very sturdy so you shouldn’t have any worries about this breaking or becoming worn out causing loss in audio quality.

Obviously, with the design, they are very lightweight and you will forget that you are wearing them half the time. The cable measures at 1.2 meters which is more than enough for use with Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo systems, this also uses the flat style cable which will prevent breakage that is normally associated with these types of earphones that can cause loss in quality and often lead to a tinny effect. There is a small control box attached to the lead on the left earphone to give you volume control and muting abilities. Well, we don’t always want to be sociable while gaming do we? Everything about this product is sturdy and looks and feels built to last. The fact this is so compact also means better cable management with no long messy cables all over the place and having two separate ear pieces gives you option to have one ear available if there are people in the room who should be acknowledging as well as your online friends.

I suppose the biggest concern in any new headset is audio quality and from previous experience with Venom it has always been outstanding and they have again nailed it. Nothing feels better than being immersed in a game and these beautiful little earbuds do that perfectly. The sound is crisp and clear and even with the volume fully turned up there doesn’t appear to be any quality loss. This is also the same with the microphone. You will have no problem with slapping some sass onto your opponents or bossing around your teammates at all. Venom have kept up perfectly with the quality that I have come to expect from them with their products. I am still yet to trial these with recording on videos and such at the moment but that will be coming at a later date for you all. Now previously I mentioned about the detachable microphone being a bonus and here is why, I don’t just use these for gaming, they have become my go-to earphones for everything including travelling for work and going out running. I have never had a pair of earphones that have been so well suited for some good off-road runs. They stay in perfectly and allow me to enjoy my music and podcasts wherever I am or whatever I am doing. If you are looking for a product that meets all your audio needs then this just might be the one for you and at the price of £14.99 from Amazon you really can’t go wrong.

Technical Specifications

  • 13mm speaker drivers for superior sound clarity
  • Ergonomically designed In-line volume control unit for in-game volume
  • Soft ear-hook and 3 sets of ear grommets (small, medium and large) for a true fit
  • Adjustable & flexible microphone for in-game chat
  • 1.2 meter flat cable with 3.5mm to 2.5mm adaptor provided for Xbox 360
  • Compatible with PS4, Xbox One (requires Official Stereo Headset Adapter), Xbox 360, PC & Mac

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