GTA Online: A Strange Experience

A photo from the hottub before it all started, I salute you random player!

GTA Online is a game I have played since it’s original release back in 2013, during this time I have left and come back to it due to always having a problem with finding decent people to enjoy it with. Recently a Chris and Al from the team have invested in it after much pestering from myself. The aim was to start doing some videos for YouTube and create a bit of comedy with the tools that the game has to offer and believe me it has many, YouTube is full of videos of players doing their own thing and I really enjoy watching them. Yesterday I ended up jumping on with Chris for a bit just to have a bit of a mess around and chat but we both ended up having a bit of what we can only call a weird experience. This isn’t a review of the game but just a piece I wanted to share and a nod to the players out there who do something other than just kill everything they see.

It all started off with Chris buying himself a nice little speed boat, we hopped in and went exploring only to come across one hell of a super yacht out in the ocean and decided to investigate because at 8 million a pop it would be a while before we could afford such luxuries! On stepping onto the boat I noticed that this had a lovely looking hot tub, We got down to our shorts and had some well-deserved downtime. To our surprise, two other players turned up and got in with us (One of whom I think owned said yacht). I have never had a time when players showed up and not just unleashed a wave of hell in bullet form, so with no verbal communication with these players we decided to roll with it and just enjoy chilling in the hot tub, some photos were taken and a few actions were performed for laughs. A bit of time passed and we decided to go and check out what else the yacht had to offer (I really want one of these over priced waste of funds), only to have the other two players follow us around. Both the other players went and got into the helicopter that was on the private Helipad (Of course it has one of these). Things then got a bit heated where Chris decided to pull out a rocket launcher and I thought this was going to be the end of the chilled experience. Myself and Chris then jumped and took the speed boat back to land only to realise that one of the players had tagged along, again with no verbal communication. So we decided to take him along with us and see what happened.

Arriving back on the beach I spotted the pier and thought while we were indulging in the chilled side of GTA Online we would go and speed some time on the a couple of rides. To be honest it was just pointless random laughs to have inside a game where you just go on a ferris wheel and then get ran over by a roller coaster (I shouldn’t have stayed on the tracks). So yeah me and Chris shared that moment together and then realsied that this other player had stayed on the pier with us with his fancy expensive car, still no normal GTA violence had occured between random players that you expect in this game. I then called in my car, Chris and Player got in and we went for a little cruise down the beach and yes I killed some random NPC’s just because. This whole time a guy playing on his own is just gong with the flow, not talking but just being a part of it. Chris then comes up with this idea, he says to me “I’m going to mark a place on the map, drive there and just see if he stays in the car”, this sounded like a laugh so I start driving following the pointer and this next part is where it just got all kinds of weird.

Chris tells me that the point he has marked is on some random place on Mount Chillad, so this was not going to be a very quick journey. We chuck the radio on and enjoy the journey, for a while anyway. Chris then laughs and goes through this idea, what if we drive him up there, get out the car and then just bury him. Pull out a couple of bats and put him down. I laughed and said that is just a bit harsh after all this but then I got to thinking. Would this other player figure this out or just go along with it? Well now things just changed and we became the GTA dicks. We drive on up the mountain and it all starts to feel like some random kind of mob film where we are taking a snitch for a quiet drive into the hills, music playing and everything seeming nice and calm while we are actually about to bury him where no one will find him. This might be a game but aprt of me started to feel a bit bad for what we had planned (It’s a bloody game for god sake!). We get up the mountain and Chris gets out, the other player then gets in the passenger side, so Chris (unhappy with having his seat taken) pulls out a gun and executes the player. Just flat out killed him. A moment is taken and we both get back in the car after a near shoot out between each other due to Chris thinking I was going to waste him. We crash down the mountain side and drive on, only to then have Chris point out that the white dot we left behind on the map is now following us and catching up quickly (Yup! that car he had was fast). We genuinely had a moment of in-game panic and floored it to try and loose him so as not to get shot down. This goes on for a good while and we then decide to rush it back to one of my aparmtents. Now during this time the player has caught up with us at times but no shot is ever fired, that itself was just weird. We just killed this guy for no reason. We make it back to the appartment after a while and olt inside. A minute passes and then there is a buzz at the door, It’s the players again! I refuse to open that door as this is all kinds of weird now. We just shot you and now you want to come in!? We hang around in teh house for a while only to hear a repetative horn that in this situation just sounded creepy. Chris then decides to message him asking if he is just waiting outside, a reply is then received with the words “Yes and a winky face”. What the hell is going on here!? We decide to bail and split up and upon leaving teh hosue see nothing but cars stacked up, this guy has just been causing traffic jams. We both split and hammer it away and manage to then loose him it seems, finally meeting at Chris’s appartment.

This was honestly one of the weirdest times I have had in GTA Online, there was genuine enjoyment, guilt and just akwardness through what happened and was one of the first times that it has felt like I have been that invovled in the game itself. It opened up new ideas and thoughts on the game and just what can be done in it with people who are not just out to shoot each other every 5 seconds. I decided to share these thoughts for no other reason that just because of the fun we ended up having when we were just going to drive around bored. So to that player I salute you for sharing in that expeirnece and freaking us out just a bit. It has given me some ideas for videos for the site now.

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