Batman Telltale Episode 4: Guardian of Gotham

Joke’s On Bruce


Last episode had Bruce drugged by Vicki Vale (Lady Arkham) leading to him beating Oswald in a drug induced rage. Which is never a good look in front of the press. Placed in Arkham Asylum by his once good friend, Harvey Dent, Bruce must find a way out, looking to his fellow inmates for help. With him locked away, Bruce knows the city will be under threat from the Children of Arkham, Batman is needed more than ever.


‘I should just leave Gotham to crumble. Screw it, I’m rich.


Arkham which is pretty bad considering how many criminals his alter-ego throws in there. The first thing to happen to prove that no-one is over Thomas Wayne’s less than ethical treatment of patients is Bruce being beaten to a pulp. The orderly pretty much takes some money and lets two patients completely go to town on Bruce. Then an unlikely saviour appears. He’s a permanent guest of Arkham, loves pranks and long walks in the rain. (OK the last one was made up). Yup, you guessed it, The Joker.

Or he’s going by John Doe in refusal to give anyone his name. I’ve gone through the last three episodes pretty thankful he hasn’t turned up. And honestly, I didn’t really want him in this episode. As much as the Joker is a staple in the Batman series, he felt shoehorned in. I would have thought it a ballsy move to omit him completely from the series. Of course, I might be a part of a very small number of people who feel this way. In any case, I can’t change that he’s in it, the Joker has appeared, he had a very small part.


‘See, when you have that expression, I am automatically suspicious.’

In order get out of Asylum, you need the help of Joker who causes a distraction. With the promise of a favour, Joker helps Bruce get out of Arkham. Which hopefully will not come to back to bite me in the butt later on in episode five. It probably will though. Although Bruce has escaped Arkham, he still suffers from the ill effects of the drug threatening Gotham. This causes a couple of angry outbursts which doesn’t reflect well on Bruce.

There were a couple of changes to the gameplay including a puzzle piece to make Guardian of Gotham to stand out from the other episodes. Other than that, the other controls play out the same way as other episodes. The choices I had to make during the game begin to feel very ‘rock and a hard place’ throughout. I do want to go back and replay the episodes to basically tell Harvey Dent to shove it where the Sun don’t shine at every turn. I feel like there hasn’t been a pay off for certain characters yet, this may change in the last episode. I still only like Lucius and Alfred at this point. Gordon maybe.

‘The doctor says I have high blood pressure and stressed.’ ‘What was that, Alfred? I was brooding.’


With both Batman and Bruce both under threat, the player has to chose between saving one or the other. Harvey is on one side making sure to destroy Bruce Wayne at every turn whilst Penguin places Batman in trouble. I’m hoping by going with Batman I will save Bruce in return but thus far, all my expectations have been screwed over.

The end of the game didn’t have a jaw dropping moment as the last one did but it wasn’t bad. It stayed at a level pace with episode one and two, which is better than being worse. Guardian of Gotham remains on the steady paced level but fulfilling section of the arc. With the ending leaving the next episode with an ambiguous feeling, I hope last episode blows me away.

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