Weeping Doll coming to Playstation VR

Weeping Doll, a new  horror title for has been announced from Oasis Games Ltd, a leading independent Chinese publisher. The adventure game is a dark, story-driven psychological mystery where dolls come alive, fueled by the negative thoughts of their child owners. Players must solve difficult puzzles in eerie surroundings as a tortured girl’s doll takes revenge on her parents—and things only get scarier from there!

Weeping Doll arrives just in time for Halloween to bring a spooky psychological adventure to PlayStation VR gamers looking for a touch of the macabre,” said Alen Wu, business director at Oasis Games. “Step into a mansion filled with hidden tragedies and discover a story that unfolds as you solve its ghostly secrets.”


As the player, you will take on the first-person view of a maid in a Japanese family’s Victorian-style house trying to uncover the secrets within. By projecting their maid avatar in discrete steps to whatever spot they want to explore, adventure gamers bypass any potential VR-induced discomfort while still enjoying full freedom of movement. What makes this title great is that every object and sound plays a pivotal role in solving the overall mystery of the original family that lived there, so players will need to explore the mansion carefully. If you are a player with a deep enjoyment of puzzles will have plenty to test their skills as they unravel the dark secrets of the family’s past. Weeping Doll, which is developed using the Unreal 4 Engine, provides an immersive and chilling adventure that will send shivers down your spine—get ready to enter the mansion and face your fears!

I enjoy a good fright fest as much as the next person but I will say that I am really unsure of how I could handle some of the titles coming to VR at the moment. Personally, I find the old porcelain dolls horrific at the best of time but I if you are going to give this a go it is going to be time to grab those boy pants out prepare yourself.


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