ReCore – One Girl and her Robots

When I saw the first glimpse of ReCore two years ago, I couldn’t wait for a release date, it looked new and exciting along with beautiful scenery, action, adventure and a strong female character, everything I love in a game. Jointly produced by developers Armature Studio and Concept with the assistance of Asobo Studio, ReCore is a wonderful mixture of Japanese and American gaming.

The protagonist of the story, Joule Adams, wakes up from centuries of cryo-sleep to find nothing the way it should be. She was one of the first volunteers for the utopian colony of Far Eden, but when she awakes she discovers the mission has failed and does everything in her power to find out what happened and why.

Now, at the start of the game I wasn’t completely blown away by the graphics but I soon discovered that as the story went on the more interesting and intricate the surroundings became. I figured out that the desolate, sand storm-ridden desert was supposed to look as such to start with, to give you that apocalyptic feel.

As you embark on your adventures, you gain the help of  a few CoreBots, each with their own abilities to help you in a different way throughout the game. Firstly you start with Mack, your trusted companion, he is brilliant at finding objects at dig sites and catching the scent of anything that may be of value to you, as well as being a helpful sidekick alongside you in battle. Further into the game, you come across Seth, a shy, reserved CoreBot but with amazing climbing abilities that lets you explore higher and get around quicker and then there is Duncan, a bodyguard, hard-hitting type, he is your manpower against the harder to beat enemies. I adore the way each and every Bot, good or bad seems to have a human element. Even the simple Cell Bots used as basic powering methods seem to have a cute, child-like personality.


‘Cores’ are simply a means of energy, and everything is powered by them in Far Eden in one way or another.From opening and closing dungeon doors, powering hover plates to be being the main power source of the bigger and badder enemies you will come across.

You run around in third person, the controls are smooth but it does take a bit of time to get the knack of stringing all the double jumps and dashes together with precision timing when making your way up towers or through dungeons. Often resulting to you falling all the way back down to the ground and having to start over in a Lara Croft type of manner, which is frustrating at times.


As for the battles, there is an auto aim feature which does help to an extent but to prevent you from relying on it too much the longer you hold down auto aim the more it throws you off, so the trick is to use it when you need to. You can defeat your enemies in a few ways, shoot them until they explode, this often results in collectable loot. Extraction of their core, which allows you to collect the core to use to your own advantage for your own CoreBots and if you manage to get an attack spot on (again, timing is key) you can sometimes get an ‘instant extract’ which defuses a smart bomb as you extract the core, resulting in instant death. The core extraction itself is pretty unique and as with the dashing and jumping there is a knack to it but once you get the hang of it the battles become much more fun and the bigger enemies are easier to take down.

Your weapon is pretty unique too and you collect upgrades for it as you progress through the story. There are four colours to it, red, white, blue and yellow. Each has a slightly different effect. These also correspond to enemies cores, for example, you can take down a red enemy more efficiently when using your red upgrade etc. Your CoreBots are also upgradable throughout the game, this is mainly done by collecting then researching blueprints found in chests. Your CoreBots stats are added to using the the cores you have collected. There is plenty of stuff lying around that you can shoot at and blow up in order to collect loot and materials to aid you in your upgrades.


Although overall the game is pretty short and there isn’t really much replayability in it, it is definitely enjoyable. If you are a fan of action-adventure games like Tomb Raider then this is a game for you, most of the story components are made up of collecting things and getting from A to B without dying and/or falling off. There are also many achievements to be had in this game ranging from collectables to battle stats and well and the usual story based ones.

As a reflection on the game as a whole, it has what any good game should, adventure, crazy fast shootout battles, rage inducing, difficult to beat bosses and tons of creative thought and personality. As well as  man’s best friend for a side kick, what more could you possibly want?



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