Nintendo Switch Announced

Many gamers have known of the “Nintendo NX” for a very long time now. That, much like “Project Cafe” before it, was just a code name for their new gaming platform. Today it was announced that the NX will be the “Nintendo Switch”.

Check out the trailer below:

If you caught wind of any of the NX leaks and rumours, the Switch has basically confirmed most of them. It is a hand-held portable console that doubles as a home gaming console on your TV as well as a portable gaming device to keep you entertained on the go. It has detachable controller handles on the sides that can clip either to the console “hub” with the screen on, or onto a separate controller handle for when you’re playing on your TV. The handles can also be detached and used as multi player controllers when on the go.

Shown titles include Legend of Zelda:Breath of the Wilds (which was confirmed to be a launch title earlier in the year), An Elder Scroll game, probably Skyrim Remastered, NBA2K, a Mario Game and what looks to be a new Mario Kart title (well it had a new character to the series in it).

The Nintendo Switch will release in March 2017

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