10 Second Ninja Review

10 Second Ninja might have you bouncing off walls in the game but this is one title that drove me right up them at home. Some of the best games that come out manage to keep it simple and still keep you coming back for more. This title does that very well. Four Circle Interactive have done a great job in producing a game that will have you shouting at your screen and yourself for making a small mistake that will cost you a level or even worse… a star. Not only that but the words “Just one more go” will be repeated a lot and trust me it won’t just be one more go.


So just what is 10 Second Ninja and why does it cause such emotions? Well here is a game where you play as a tiny ninja facing off against an evil army of robots being led by a big old fat bad pirate dude who are trying to destroy your forest home. (Fat, moustache, weird one man ship and likes robots… hmmm). The base of this game is to complete every level within 10 seconds (Yes, 10 seconds!). Even from the outset, this sounds like a horrible challenge. Each level is set out with a few enemies and traps and your job is to clear them out. you have the ability to jump, swing your blade and throw one of three ninja stars to accomplish your task. The problem is that any slight mistake that you make will likely cost you the level or a star. Now each level will give you chance to earn 3 stars and if you are like me you won’t settle for anything less. This game is all about timing and will have you restarting levels constantly until victory is finally achieved. With a total of 120 stars available through 40 levels, this game is going to keep you going until you finish or lose your sanity and social life.


As a huge fan of the old Sonic the Hedgehog games I have to say nice work to the team who have certainly grabbed some ideas and used them here with poor animals trapped inside robots and a big bad guy who happens to remind me of a certain big, moustached, egg-loving madman (I knew he looked familiar!). 10 Second Ninja is very well presented with some vibrant colourful levels and beautiful detail that is again very simplistic and won’t distract you from your mission. You really don’t have time to be focusing on the surroundings with that time limit hovering over your head. with a soundtrack that matches the pace of the game and will keep you pushing that tiny ninja legend through each mission to take down that damn Eggman… I mean pirate.

10 Second Ninja X_20160715192338

In all honesty to say that I am terrible at games like this would be a massive understatement but with time and a lot of restarts you will find yourself getting better, gradually progressing through the levels to achieve that feeling of accomplishment  which is worth every moment. Games are supposed to be a challenge and when you find one that is dedicated to making that its mission it is hard not to get sucked in. This is a game that doesn’t even have the enemies attack you because it doesn’t need to, you will end up doing that for it and the only person to blame will be you. 10 Second Ninja has been a great game to get into and I would recommend it to all, especially people who I know will get frustrated over it just so I can enjoy the show. Do yourself a favour and give it a go. There has also been a new version released called 10 Second Ninja X adding “100 levels including all 40 original 10 Second Ninja levels remastered in HD with individual leaderboards for each level, unlockables and collectibles”. Available on Steam, PS4, Xbox One and Vita right now!

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