Xbox: Games with Gold – September 2016

Major Nelson today released details on September’s Games With Gold, and whilst PlayStation fans are despairing at the lacklustre line up of free games on PSN, they have also been double whammy’d with a price increase coming into effect next month.

Enough of the doom and gloom let’s see what’s on offer for gold users:

Earthlock: Festival of Magic (XB1):

There is a distinct shortage of turn based RPGs out there at the moment, so Earthlock should make a refreshing change. The game has been in development for what seems to be an eternity, going back to 2011. The game comes from Scandinavia studios Snowcastle Games.

You begin the story playing as Amon on a simple quest to find out what happened to Umbra and why the planet stopped spinning many cycles ago. Of course in true RPG style you join up with several unlikely heroes along the journey.

We’re quite excited to see how this game pans out especially with the recent announcement by Phil Spencer on Blue Dragon (See Here).


The game is available from 1st September until the 15th. The game is available from here Game size is around 4.4Gb.

Assassins Creed Chronicles: China (XB1):

When we first heard an Assassins Creed game was going to be part of the Games With Gold lineup we got a tad excited. We have a huge Assassins Creed fan on the team. I think the excitement died a little when they found out it was a Chronicles game.

That said, the 2.5D platformer was quite well received on release. It thrusts you into the position of Shao Jun, who is trying to avenge the loss of her brotherhood. The game plays very well on the Xbox One and whilst it’s not going to leave you in awe of what the console is capable of, it is a game that will kill a few hours on a hazy summer’s afternoon.


The game is available from 16th September until October 15th. It weighs in at 3.25Gb and can be downloaded here when it goes live on games with gold.

Forza Horizon (XB360 & XB1):

In a clever move by Microsoft they are releasing Forza Horizon via Games With Gold. Forza Horizon 3 is out in September so this move will tempt some into picking up the latest release on 27th September. Forza Horizon is the open world variant of the popular Forza series, developed by Playground games in association with Turn 10 studios. The game has over 300 vehicles to choose from.

The main progression is obtained via winning wristbands and gaining popularity via destroying property, driving fast, performing stunts etc. It’s a fun game that almost anyone can pick up and enjoy without having a passion for driving games.


The game is available from 1st September until the 15th. It weighs in at 7.05Gb and can be downloaded here when it goes live on games with gold. Or beforehand if you’re feeling extremely generous and want to pay for it.

Mirrors Edge (XB360 & XB1):

Last but not least, on September 16 comes Mirror’s Edge. In an oppressive city, clandestine messages and deliveries make their way around via Runners, jumping, climbing, and dashing across rooftops. In possibly one of the best parkour games and definitely far ahead of it’s time when released. You play as Faith in the original first-person free-running action game, fighting and outrunning a powerful regime that is not afraid to use deadly force. Experience the breathtaking sights and sounds and always land on your feet.

Trailer on the link below:
The Game is available from the 16th September until the 30th. It has a download size of 5.54Gb and can be downloaded from here when it’s live on games with gold.
And that wraps up another superb offering from Redmond, with some heavy hitting titles on display, PlayStation owners must be getting frustrated at the difference in loyalty programmes. Let’s hope for them with the increase in cost that they start getting some AAA titles to warrant the increase.


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