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South Yorkshire Video Games and Collectibles Fair

Last Saturday I got the rare treat of going to a video games and collectibles fair at the Horizon Community College in Barnsley. Organised with zero budget by gaming collectibles fanatic Mike Jones this show was an outstanding success. There are already fans clamouring to attend a 2nd event at the same location in December this year.

As soon as I entered the hall I could tell I had found my tribe. I had to take a deep breath and promise to pace myself before throwing money at all the traders. With fairs like this you need to take your time or you’ll miss some proper gems. The traders are hoarders just like most of us geeks and you’ll be surprised what you can uncover. I must have spent a good 20 minutes digging through comics at the Retro Reload Stockport stand even though they specialise in retro consoles!

You could tell that like the rest of the world, everyone at the fair was on board the Pokemon hype train as you can see from the awesome Pokemon art on the Just Fuse It stand.

Pokemon edit

There was even a rumour that certain traders would give you a discount if you had caught a particular rare Pokemon but nobody seemed impressed by my Tentacools, methinks I need to try harder!

ManMountainDesigns designer and art wizard Jay Armstrong creates stand-out beautiful designs from a huge range of fandoms. He has an iconic art style which captures your favourite characters in simple but eye-catching ways. He’ll even do custom designs if you ask nicely. I have decided that he is my new forever friend because he admired my Garrus Vakarian T-shirt. I am personally of the opinion that T-shirts are the best way to express your fandoms. “Look at this thing I love it’s on my cheeest!!”

MMD edit

The core attraction for this fair is most definitely the retro console scene. I want to say there were many pieces of kit for sale older than I am but that’s just not true, many pieces were older than some of my younger friends, shocking! It’s not just the old kit that was interesting, some traders took the nostalgia happy feeling to a whole new level. Retrospective22 brought hand painted consoles from the next level of wow. Gamecubes, NES, SNES, Playstations, N64s. You can request custom paint jobs as well for the console and game of your choice.

R22 edit 2

Finally I come to my favourite purchase from the whole event. Metamorphosis Comics artist Spike Baxter-Gale creates stunning designs of well known characters. I couldn’t resist his take on Deadpool, it was the rollerskates that did it…

Deadpool edit

Don’t miss out on checking out the next event on December 10th 2016. As well as the trading floor there is going to be a 2nd room dedicated to playing some games including board games, card games, miniatures and there might even be some retro consoles set up. I’ll see you there!

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