E3 2016 Round Up: Ubisoft Press Conference

Well Aisha Tyler was back for more f-bombs and joy for Ubisoft this year and as usual there was a whole lot of crazy, here’s what happened:

Opening the show was Just Dance 17 and while there wasn’t a whole lot in the way of discussion, it was an energetic opening which allowed the Ubi team to show it off and get the audience pumped up for the show ahead. Will the dancing giraffe topple the fame of the left shark?

Next up was the title that was featured right at the end of E3 2015, Ghost Recon: Wildlands. The main focus was on the gameplay and showcasing that the campaign can be played solo or as a team of up to 4 players. Ubisoft have stated that this is their largest open world experience yet and that you have the power to choose the way you want to approach your attack. Due March 7th 2017!

The stage was then taken over by Trey Stone and Matt Parker as they talked a bout South Park: The Fractured But Whole landing on 6th December 2016. The briefing showed that our favorite South Park characters will become superheros and embark on their quest to… well, do crazy stuff. It follows on from the Stick of Truth and brings more madness and comedy to the Ubisoft line up.


It was time to visit a current title and go over some of the content coming to The Division. The first expansion, Underground is landing on Xbox One on June 28th and other platforms August 2nd and 3 Tom Clancy based outfits will be made available for current players as a thank you from Ubisoft for supporting them for 30 years. The next expansion, Survival will mix things up when it limits supplies and introduced brutal weather conditions which will affect the way you play the game.

The focus then shifted to VR with an introduction to Eagle Flight in which the players are eagles that race and play against each other in a competitive VR experience. The demo showed two teams go head to head in a capture the flag in Paris which has been taken over by nature and animals that have escaped from the zoo.

Sticking with VR, Star Trek: Bridge Crew was announced and the audience were treated to a special guest appearance to show off the multiplayer experience which encourages players to work together in order to successfully make it through the encounter.

Then came For Honor, which showed a world descended into chaos and war. There was a whole lot of fighting and mistrust among those who inhabit the world. The gameplay followed the Viking as he storms a beach and takes on the Samurai so give it watch if you want to see more. Heading to player on 14th February 2017, it’s the perfect Valentine’s gift for the one you love.


The stage was then passed on to Grow Up the sequel to Grow Home, which showed how Bud has developed since the first game.

I don’t think anyone really knew what happened next but suddenly madness ensued and Trials of the Blood Dragon was announced and immediately made available to purchase. A crazy mix of Trials Fusion and Far Cry’s Blood Dragon, keep your eyes peeled for the review coming soon.


It was time for a moment of relaxation as the Assassins Creed movie was discussed in the absence of a game release this year, with some behind the scenes footage and it was nice to hear that the producers want to be truthful to the franchise. Looking forward to the release on 21st December.

Watchdogs 2 was showcased with some gameplay and the trailer giving us an idea of the style and development of the game since its predecessor. With a new story, some new moves and gadget capabilities, Watchdogs 2 is out November 15th.

Lastly, Ubisoft announced Steep which is an open world winter sports game set in the Alps. You can paraglide, wingsuit, ski and snowboard while competing with and sharing your experience with your friends in a new take on multiplayer sports games.


All in all, Ubisoft covered all of their bases and showed a good amount of upcoming content rather than sticking too much to what is currently out. So far, I am certainly liking the look of the new South Park, Steep, For Honor and am very much looking forward to reviewing Trails of the Blood Dragon soon for you all. Even though there was no Assassins Creed to hold them up, this conference proved that Ubisoft do have other games that will keep players coming back for more after 30 years. What titles from Ubisoft are you looking forward to the most?

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