E3 2016 Round Up: Bethesda Press Conference

Bethesda were back in action at E3 and here’s what they had to share:

If you can handle a crazy screaming lady, here’s the full conference (from Gamespot YouTube) if not, follow the links!

First up was Quake Champions and the return of another classic PC shooter by id Software. The trailer has the classic PC start up (Keep an eye out for the possibly new Wolfenstein teaser in there!), the music and the feel of original game. Bethesda have confirmed the game will have a new host of characters with abilities and new weapons. The message is clear however, that this game is geared up for eSports arena multiplayer action.


Fallout 4 upcoming DLC packs were showcased revealing Contraptions, Vault Builder and the upcoming Nuka World along with updates for Fallout Shelter. It would have been difficult for Bethesda to not mention these updates.

Immediately after this, Skyrim Remastered was officially announced showing the difference between PS3 and Xbox 360 to the next gen console graphics and confirmed that players will be able to use Mods this time around. But that wasn’t the only Elder Scrolls related news! Elder Scrolls Legends was showcased as a narrative driven strategic card game and gamers were encouraged to consider this addition to the franchise even if they had not played this genre before.

There were also some Elder Scrolls Online announcements in the form of the official announcement the Japan will be joining users all over the World from June 23rd. Also, the new DLC Dark Brotherhood was discussed in more details as it take players to an Oblivion based location and takes them through a mysterious, stealth driven narrative. Also One Tamriel was announced which will allow all characters to be automatically levelled to the content within the world, so they can join whoever they wish with no restrictions to alliances or questing. This is first time this has happened in a multi-platform RPG and will be landing in the Fall. It was made clear that the fans have been listened to!

After being announced many moons ago and then disappearing into the abyss, Prey was finally showcased. Described as an immersive first person psychological thriller, Prey is set on Talos 1, a special spacestation in 2032 which has been overrun by an alien threat.


It would have been rude for Bethesda not to give players a quick Doom update with some of the upcoming changes in the game. With new multiplayer maps in bound, there was also mention of the improvements to the Snapmap feature.

VR was briefly mentioned with focus on the first person shooter RPG and the audience were told that there would be Doom and Fallout 4 VR demos available. Hopefully these will also appear at future conventions.

Last up was Bethesda’s crescendo in the form of Dishonored 2. They showcased some of the development since the first game, the trailer and a good chunk of gameplay just to show what they have been working on for Dishonored fans.


For Bethesda, it was a mix of old and new but a lot of focus on improving the current forerunners in their repertoire. I personally have been looking for an excuse to dive back in the ESO and with One Tamriel, it will encourage me to get back to it. It is exciting times for Bethesda and while some folks may have expected bigger announcements, I felt it was a good mix and they are definitely giving fans something to look forward to even if there were not as many titles showcased as other publishers.

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