E3 2016 Round Up: EA Press Conference

E3 kicked off the line up of conferences at E3 this week and here’s what they had to tell the players.

Here is the full conference (from Gamespot YouTube)

So let’s break it down:

Titanfall 2

Fancy shooting the crap out of your enemies in a Mech suit? Look no further than Titanfall 2 a competitive, first person shooter game developed by Respawn Entertainment! Unlike the first game which only featured multiplayer mode, Titanfall 2 will feature a single player mode. A representative stated that the single player campaign ‘crafted to dive deeper into the Titanfall universe, exploring the unique bond between pilot and Titan.’

Six new Titans with unique combat abilities have been added to game including one which will have a melee weapon which is a giant sword. There will be more pilot abilities mainly featured in multiplayer mode and various options to progress through the multiplayer mode. A multiplayer beta has also been announced, though the date of release is still unclear. The game will be available on PS4, XBox 1 and PC.


Madden 17

Although I’m not a sports fan, I quite pleased to hear that Madden 17 has developed accessibility options for the visually impaired. These options have enlarged on-screen icons which make it easier to see without taking up the screen so the player may still enjoy the graphics. Also, there will be filters for those who have colour blindness.

The kick meter has also been changed which includes a three button approach. This introduces a more natural feel for player rather than semi-automated kicks. It provides more of a challenge as the player has to set the kick, then press a button for power and accuracy before finally kicking the ball. Madden 17 will feature special moves and improved defense, the moves appear to rely on the players stamina for a more realistic feel. Madden 17 franchise mode will focus on offense, defense and special teams. The game will be available for PS4, PS3, XBox 360 and XBox 1.

Battlefield 1

EXPLOSIONS! And bullets, sabers, shovels, all that jazz. Battlefield is a World War 1 first person shooter game which is the fourteenth installment of the Battlefield franchise. Based on actual events, the tanks and weapons featured will also be time appropriate. According to the developers, the technology of the time will allow the player to fight in various and interesting ways. The game will feature two types of melee weapons; light and heavy. The players will be given the option to control various vehicles such as tanks, planes and ships.

The maps set in the alps, Arabia, the Western Front etc will be more expansive and have more for the players to explore. Although it has been mentioned that if you don’t join a squad, game-play will be quite difficult. The multiplayer is said to support up to 64 players at once. According to the games designer, Daniel Berlin, the campaign mode will have more options and choices in terms of completing levels and how to approach combat. Players can also control several characters at once. The game will be released over PC, Xbox 1 and PS4.


Mass Effect: Andromeda

So, here’s what I know about MEA so far, I’m also super excited and I may wax lyrical about it. The premise starts with characters in statis, looking for a new home planet to live on because the earth is screwed for some reason. The character at the end of the trailer is apparently the default Female version of the protagonist, Ryder. Unlike the first game, the main character will be exploring space and learning with the player. The protagonist will be self-aware of their morality choices and effect they have on the galaxy, have family ties and more ‘natural’ progression in romances.

The previous games choices of ME1-ME3 will have no impact on the story of MEA but will feature the aliens such as Krogans. It’ll make callbacks to the previous games, though not heavily go into them as new players might not have played them. The new ship, the Tempest, will be able to land on planets even though the Mako has made a comeback. Hopefully I won’t drive it into lava again. Combat will allow the player to switch guns to different shoulders. I am worried that no combat trailers was released, casting doubts on the March 2017 release date. The game will be released on PC, Xbox 1 and PS4.


Star Wars

Cashing in its recent reboot, EA has released a trailer which has a summary of the Star Wars franchise games. The trailer features games such as Battlefront, Galaxy Heroes, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and two unspecified games. Battlefront is set for another installment which will feature content from the new films. It is unknown whether this will be a new expansion or a sequel. For the Knight for the Old Republic, Bioware will continue adding expansions, more story and additional content.

During the conference, EA has also announced an upcoming Star Wars game which isn’t being developed by Bioware but is in collaboration with Lucas Films and Respawn Entertainment (Titanfall). The game will be a third person adventure set in ‘a different Star Wars Era’. Viceral Games, the studio behind Dead Space, will be working on the second unspecified game. Currently there is little information other than the game possibly tying with the current timeline of the Force Awakens. EA also stated that the game will feature ‘an original narrative with new characters.’ The game is set to launch in 2018.


Fifa 17:

So, Fifa as a story mode. Yup, you read that right. The story seems to follow the character of Alex Hunter as he signs onto a team. It’s basically the hero’s journey but with football. The Journey will have a dialogue option for the player to choose from and detail Alex’s goal to make an impact on the premium league. The game has been praised by players as having more ‘fluid movement’ which means the game has become more physical. The player can now shield the ball from defenders whilst sprinting. This means you don’t have to try to leg it to the end of the pitch before someone take the ball. Which is basically football as far as I’m aware.

The players will be playing with realistic 3D models to direct on the pitch. You’ll no longer have to button mash, able to control line-ups and long kicks more easily. Real English football managers will be featured in the game, though I don’t why as it doesn’t seem to do anything other than have a manager appear. I thought their inclusion might add some special features but it’s pretty much the Stan Lee cameo of sport games. The game will be released on XBox 1, XBox 360, PS3, PS4 and PC.


Fe – EA Originals title

Quite frankly, this game just looks adorable. I might be wrong when it comes out and its something like Limbo. Bloody giant spiders. Don’t trust forest, kids. Fe is a wordless narrative with the player in control of a young cub all alone in the forest. Though the game is without words, it appears that the creatures within the game will communicate through music. The game will focus on exploration, discovery and learning the ecosystem of the world surrounding you. The premise of the 3D platformer will have players fly around and interact with the creatures of the forest to stop invaders. Beginning to sound a bit like Fern Gully, in any case it looks interesting with a pretty trailer.

There you have it, this years roundup of EA games. I’m excited for many of these games and I hope they live up to the hype. I may have jinxed it…

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