Venom Licensed Wired Controller Unboxing

Venom Licensed Controller Unboxing Video

The Licensed Wired Controller is our latest supply drop from our good friends over at Venom Gaming. I took on the challenge of performing my first solo unboxing video which you can see above to give you guys a nice look at what you are purchasing. There will be a full review coming up shortly on this product with added gameplay. The controller itself is originally designed for PS3 but fear not this is also fully compatible with PC and Mac for all you players who prefer controller to mouse and keyboard.

Product Features

  • Officially licensed for use with PlayStation 3
  • Two analog sticks with sensitivity adjustment for precision gaming
  • Pressure-sensitive directional pad & action buttons for perfect control
  • Dual vibration for intensive rumble effects
  • LED indication for different players
  • 3m cable length
  • Ergonomic design gaming endurance

If there is one thing that I can say about the products I have received from Venom up to now is that they have all been of a high quality and as you can see from the short video the controller itself has a comfortable layout. The the thumb sticks are smooth and responsive along with the D-Pad, there seems to be no sticking with the buttons and this also comes with one extra feature that I really liked which was to increase or decrease the sensitivity of the thumb sticks which will hopefully be a benefit to you Racers and FPS lovers. You can pick up this controller for around £14.99 so go and check out the video and let us know your thoughts.

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