Xbox 360 – The Final Ring of Death

As many of you have heard Microsoft have announced that the production of the Xbox 360 has now come to an end, 10 years after its release. Personally I think the console will still remain popular for some time, as there are so many good games, hundreds in fact that are standing the test of time and that people are continuing to play. So if you are expecting to put away your lovely, pristine 360 inside its well looked after box in the hope of it gaining retro status, you might just want to enjoy it instead.

Microsoft have said that the 360 servers will remain in use, as will the online support and deals such as ‘Games with Gold’ (for the moment anyway). But will be working harder on other aspects, such as making the most of the Xbox One’s backwards compatibility. Playing old games on up to date, next generation systems seems to be the long term goal.


Personally for me, my online gaming started with an Xbox 360. Being able to play a huge range of games including FPS and RPG’s with my friends online was still a bit new to me and now I have never looked back. I have always played video games but wasn’t fully aware of my passion until the 360‘s release. Since then gaming has come along in leaps and bounds, not only in terms of graphics, engines and technology but also in heart with amazing storylines and relatable characters. I fell in love with the Assassin’s Creed and Bioshock series and rekindled the adventurer within myself with Tomb Raider. In terms of online gaming, I enjoyed games such as Mortal Kombat and Soul Calibur. I also had my first Call of Duty experience, playing Modern Warfare 3 (I know, way behind on that one) but have since fell in love with other online shooter games such as Titanfall.


So after 27 billion achievements being unlocked and over 78 billion hours of gaming, I feel we are not saying goodbye but understanding that the times are moving forward. The loss of the production of the 360 is merely a necessary movement in Microsoft’s journey into next generation gaming.


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