Uncharted 4 Multiplayer Beta

So here’s the thing… I have only just started playing the Uncharted series. I know, I’m a bad person considering it is the type of game I usually enjoy. So I am going to try and play the 3 previous games prior to A Thief’s End coming out and will probably stream these to encourage me to persevere before Uncharted 4 drops through the letterbox. That being said, it would have been really silly of me not to participate in the stress test Beta weekend so I jumped in a couple of times to try my hand at it. Turns out, I’m not too bad at it which I can probably put down to many hours on Call of Duty. I haven’t played a Naughty Dog multiplayer before (not even Last of Us which is slightly shocking) but I may go back and give it a go after what I have experienced and enjoyed over the Beta weekend. Because of this, it will be difficult for me to say if there have been any improvements or if the Beta has revealed much the same as before and whether that’s a good thing or not, but all I can say is that its really fun… or at least I thought so.


So the Beta weekend was all about Team Deathmatch (which according to developers of the game is only about 20% of what is to come) across a couple of maps with some pre-made load outs for you depending on your play style. First team to hit 35 KOs is the winner of the round and if you stay in the lobby you will be on the opposite team to before allowing you to be heroes and villains. That’s about it really. You get a tutorial to show you the controls and tactics you will need and how to utilise your special tricks but once that is over you can jump straight in and get to some fighting. Gameplay wise, you can go for the cover and shoot, gun-ho approach or cover your team mates with a longer range attack. You have side-kicks which can assist you (if you can afford them) should you find your team a little lacking on the support front and hopefully rack up a nice amount of KO’s. It is very much like the game except these enemies aren’t afraid to sneak around to catch you off guard.

Since starting Drake’s Fortune on the night the Beta went live, I already like Nathan Drake and his slightly boyish comedy approach to things and this is also evident in the Beta whenever he speaks. On the list are also Sully, Elena, Sam, Katherine Marlow, Lazerevic among others and I have to admit I had to look up who was on the list due to still being half way through Drake’s Fortune at the moment. Either way, you have a small selection to chose from if you don’t fancy being the dashing Drake all the time. All the characters have dialogue in a manner of speaking and their personalities show through as you play.


Loadout-wise you have your usual mix which also include the special bits and bobs you might prefer. I imagine there will be more to unlock as you progress and level up. You loot your ammo from the person you KO’d but I found I ran out of ammo really quickly due to poor aim and got little return for it so ended up trying to beat people up which didn’t work out so well at times. To unlock your specials you have to find relics and treasure that show on your radar and give you precious coin to purchase them during the game. My personal favorite is one of the Mystical ones which just take out everyone on the enemy team within its radius, it’s awesome! But there are a few to choose from and when you select your own loadout you should be able to pick which specials you would like.

So far, the multiplayer looks good. It’s not what I’m used to but I have enjoyed it and it has been a good laugh. I even had a few good rounds which gave me an enormous sense of well being but my attempts at saving the video went wrong (so you’ll have to settle for a screenshot of my best match below!). It is has been a stress test weekend so I was expecting more issues but only really found that it seemed to take a while to find other players and load us into a game even when it showed a full lobby but understand that there will be some connectivity issues to begin with. Graphically, I’ve not noticed any bugs or things that fill me with great concern but as I’m looking at this from the perspective of someone who is only just starting the series, it may be that others that have played since the beginning disagree. I certainly hope I manage to complete the previous titles in time for the release of A Thief’s End which has now been delayed until the 10th of May!



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