Hitman Go: The Definitive Edition Review

Hitman Go is an award winning turn-based, board game-styled, strategic puzzler which originally came out in 2014 as an app for iPhone and Android allowing you to be the well-known Agent 47 on the…. Well, go! Now it has been transformed and updated for PC and PS4 thus expanding its potential player base. We were very kindly sent a code for PS4 so that I, the most useless person at puzzles, could get hands on with the game prior to the release.

If you have come across the game before and played it, then you will be familiar with what to do. As I know someone who worked on the the original, I had heard about it back in 2014 and was very intrigued by the prospect of Agent 47 being accessible on my phone, however the memory in my phone was constantly full and I never actually got around to purchasing/playing it. Bad Lefranzine indeed. But luckily, I now have the chance to and so far, I have enjoyed what I have played.


As you can see, Agent 47 is a wooden game board piece in this incarnation and there are pathways that you must move along in order to reach your objective. There are guards, targets and other objectives along the way for you to handle as you progress through the game. The initial levels are quite easy going as you get used to the controls and basics of the game play. As with all progressive puzzler titles, you start off learning the basics of what to do but I did notice around level 7 and 8 things started to move on a little bit and my brain was finding the concept of pieces other than Agent 47 moving a little difficult. Luckily if you mess it up, it resets the board pretty quickly so you can have another go at it and if you realise you’ve made a fatal error, you can opt to reset the board yourself.

One thing to note is that it isn’t your usual Hitman game with all the violent deaths and crazy accidents but you still need to have a sense of awareness and foresight to pull off a successful hit or beat the board. Once the other pieces start moving, thus making the action of knocking them off the board a little trickier, you have to plan ahead and think about how you’ll get by or how you will utilise the objects the level provides to your advantage. Of course, you don’t actually have to knock the pieces off the board. If you manage to find a way through without removing pieces, then you prove yourself to be a stealth puzzle master.

Each level also has additional challenges which may involve completing the level within a certain amount of moves, not killing anyone or maybe picking up a briefcase along the way. I’ll be honest and say that I’ve not managed many other than completing the levels just due to being utterly useless at these types of games but as far as I can tell, it just means less trophies and potentially slows you down in regards of unlocking new areas. For someone who struggles with puzzles most of the time, this could prove a slight issue but it seems to me that there are lots of opportunities to make points up as it were.


I actually am fond of the Hitman series, the style of gameplay the main titles offer and quite like the stealthy aspect of the franchise. That being said, I also quite like that in Hitman Go you’re in plain sight and there’s no real issue with a guard being opposite you because they can’t ‘see’ you. But that doesn’t mean you can sit back and think it’ll be easy. As the locations change, the levels get bigger, more involved and more difficult you’ll have to take note of where everything is so you don’t get knocked off the board. I found the plants you could sort of hide in very useful in particular but it can take a few goes to work out the best way of getting around everything.

If you are finding the level difficult, you can opt to use hints. Now in the mobile game, these could be paid for, but on the console you have the threat of losing out on a trophy! I saw that and immediately changed my mind, deciding to opt for the trial and error approach as I quite like it when a trophy pops up in the left hand corner of my screen. I suppose it makes me feel like I’ve achieved something! A lot of the time I don’t think hints are needed but having looked ahead a little, I get the feeling that a time will come when I’ll be very tempted to use one or two…. Or seven. If you did play the original game, you’ll notice the additional content and that the in-app purchases have been removed for this edition so you get more play time without the risk of spending extra pennies.


All in all, I like this game. It’s certainly one that you can just pick up and play when you like but if it’s your kind of game then I could imagine it being a little addictive. With the Playstation version, you also have the capability to Cross-Play on your Vita if you’re lucky enough to have one so that you can play it on the move too. In some ways I am glad that it has grown out of a mobile game because I actually get little enjoyment out of playing on a phone or tablet but I’m not entirely convinced it will take PCs and consoles by storm. I suppose the added bonus of it being available on a different platform is that it’s a little easier to involve others and can make it a little more of a game of audience participation rather than reluctantly handing over your phone or tablet. Either way, I would recommend picking Hitman Go: The Definitive Edition even if you’re not familiar with the series especially if you like puzzles.

Here’s a little video I made (my first one!) of some of the game play so you get a little taster of how it all works! Hope you enjoy!


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