Smite – Battleground of the Gods

Ok, so we’ve all heard of League Of Legends (LoL), Defense Of The Ancients (Dota) and if you haven’t? Well shame on you. They are the ‘big dogs’ the leading pioneers in MOBA gaming, (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena). Now imagine if they were majestic dolphins and whales roaming the ocean, Smite is the hungry shark looking for his opportunity to take a great huge bite out of the other guy.

Smite is a player versus player, fast paced, hero based, all about getting up in your base, MOBA. It pits up to 5 players against another 5 across a few different game modes with the objective always being the same. You take on the role of a god or goddess from one of several pantheons, each with their own distinct feel, play style and look. Players will then battle it out across laned maps pushing with their NPCs to take tower after tower until eventually their guardian. To secure victory, players must work together utilising each characters wide array of abilities to overpower and overcome the opposition.


With a character roster of 70+ strong (if you happen to have purchased the god pack), it’s hard to find someone you don’t like but at the same time it may also take a good few weeks of playing to truly understand what you are capable of. There are 5 archetype characters, each tailoring to a different play style. Fancy being that guy who just won’t die? That irritating mage who just won’t stop poking you and best you not forget that damn assassin who just  bamboozled you by ghosting in from nowhere.. The game becomes endless with combinations as you and your pals find a way to make the ultimate god team.

Every character is obtainable through either playing a lot or through the use of in-game purchases. I can’t frown upon this technique, I mean come on who wouldn’t pay to see Thor transform into a gundam warrior before shooting off into the sky, only to come crashing down on your head. It also hosts a lot of annual events including Halloween themed costumes and Christmas!

Smite Thor

The game relies heavily on the use of communication from all players, knowing when to strike and when to retreat. There are a lot of key factors to take in as you grace the battlefield. The in-game store from which you can purchase items and activated utilities, with gold earned from slaying your opponents can make all the difference depending how you build your hero.

In all, Smite can be both rewarding and frustrating. Many an hour I have spent, sweaty palmed, glued to the TV trying to make that crucial double kill to push that tower in a desperate attempt to stamp out my enemies. It’s very competitive and definitely not for the faint hearted but if it’s glory that you seek, then on the battlegrounds of the gods is where we shall meet.

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