Testimonial: @GirlsOfTwitch

As some of you know, I’ve been trying to stream on and off for a while now. The trouble I seem to find is that currently, I don’t attract many viewers or if I do, they drop in and out. I personally don’t stream for money or fame but if these things came out of it then that’s what happens. I play games and want to share the experience with others because I’m a gamer. I want other players to see ordinary people enjoy what they are currently getting stuck into and encourage others to give it a go. But it’s a little hard to do that when no one seems to want to watch… which is a little disheartening and makes me consider not bothering and to just learn about making short videos instead. Is it the games I play? Is it that I’m not established enough? Is it because I have lady lumps and opt not to get them out to make people watch me? Whatever it is, it can put a crimp on your day at times.

I came across @GirlsOfTwitch after they retweeted a model/gamer who I follow (Poppy Thorn if you’re interested and she’s lovely!) and thought I would have a look at the page. What I found was a plethora of ladies from all over the place with varying set ups, play styles and numbers of viewers who were all streaming all kinds of games. I gave @GirlsOfTwitch a message because at the end of the day if you don’t try, you often don’t get and found someone who wanted to encourage the growth of a friendly, supportive community. Don’t get me wrong, there are some low cut tops and sexy looking pictures of the ladies with their headsets and controllers (and then there’s me, ha!). Either way, the girls are gaming and @GirlsOfTwitch is doing a grand job of helping spread the love and sharing our feeds as well as hosting players on their own Twitch page.

Now I understand that some chaps out there may think it’s sexist to have a page dedicated to ladies gamers. But I also think there will be some gentlemen out there who love the fact that there is a page sharing pages which you probably wouldn’t see because they are somewhere near the bottom of the Twitch feeds under all the pros who get sponsors and subscriptions. Many gamers, male or female, don’t get taken very seriously because they aren’t deemed cool enough, beautiful enough or funny enough, but I think anyone and everyone deserves a chance to have a go.

If you’re on twitch or twitter, do follow @GirlsOfTwitch if you would like to find some new ladies to watch play awesome games or you are a gamer blessed with female parts who would like your stream to be shared and get involved in the community. A big thanks to @GirlsOfTwitch for sharing my streams and watching when I have recently been considering packing it in.

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  1. Hey girl! I am 54 and I just started gaming and streaming this past January. My son thought people would be very interested in seeing a middle aged woman playing games on XBox. I wanted to show people that older folks can still game. And there is research out there that gaming is good for the aging brain. So far that has not been the case. I do not have an elaborate setup or cameras and green screen. I would really like to. I only do audio when I stream for now. Thank you for this great article. I will be following you on Twitch and definitely stopping by to watch.

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