XCOM 2: Pre-Launch Event

In the shadow of Parliament, under the watchful eye of Big Ben,  a war is going on. A war of strategy, a war of minds.

Under the veil of false hope we struggle to survive.

The Churchill War Rooms was the perfect place to discuss dividing and conquering the invading threat, and so we gathered tense and excited in a place dripping with atmosphere and history.
This was a pre-launch showing of Xcom2 by 2k games and Firaxis games. They and Xtreme Gaming invited me for some hands on time with Xcom2 before its release. As we entered the first thing everyone is drawn to are the memorial plaques of fallen soldiers…. wait… hold on… with our names on them!
That’s it, done, even if the rest of the afternoon is a failure, this more than makes up for anything.
I made captain! The rest of you lowly grunts can suck it!
Behind us is an LED board running information of the current state of affairs above ground, you know, due to earth being invaded and all that. We sit down to a short message from the development team then an introduction from a 2k UK representative before we are given time to tour the bunker. What better way to build excitement for a strategy based game then to learn from a man who took the reins and help overcome one of history’s worst movements? The key word for this whole thing is strategy.
XCOM London
Unfortunately due to our location and the amount of gaming PC’s hooked up, power became an issue. So we were all not able to get that hands on gameplay we were looking for…instead they wheeled out the booze and let us all play on the projection monitor!
I can say with my hand on my heart that I would never have expected such a rowdy, excited, fun packed room from a huge bunch of nerds…the hype was real and everyone was screaming at the team failure’s… One person in particular…*I won’t say names, but you know who you are, leaving your squad to die, should be ashamed*
The time went quickly, as did the alcohol. Before we know it its time to go. This is just my brief experience in being made to feel like and incredibly important person and being given the chance to see Xcom2 before anyone else. Xtreme gaming, 2k games and Firaxis…superb afternoon. I look forward to the next. My plaque is now framed and hangs on my wall.
Xcom2 is out now. Go buy it, go enjoy, go save the world captain.
XCOM Plaque

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