Rainbow Moon – PS4 Release

RainbowMoon_PS3_39Today comes with some great news for RPG fans, Eastasiasoft have announced that their best-selling Roleplaying game Rainbow Moon will be launching on Playstation 4 in America on February 16th and in Europe on February 17th.

Rainbow Moon was originally released on the Playstation 3 and Vita has been included in the top 10 games on the playstation Store on multiple occasions with downloads reaching over 1 million worldwide. With the release on PS4 there will be updated dialogue and improved load times along side everything else that has made this game so popular already.


The game itself is a beautiful role-playing game that has a strong emphasis on exploration with a huge open world to explore (Including more than 20 challenging dungeons), a very well written story which is always a must with any RPG. You will have access to six main characters to use on your quest combined with deep development including the use of upgradable weapons, armour and accessories. There will also be over 100 special skills to grow with your characters allowing you to progress and fighter harder over a game that will last you around 40 hours with the basic story and up to 100 hours if you complete all the optional content.

For the trophy hunters there will be 50 available including a prestigious platinum trophy. If this is not your first time running through Rainbow Moon you will have the option to exchange your saved data from the Vita and PS3 to your PS4. With a price tag of US$14.99 / €14.99 / £11.99 and a special 50% discount for existing owners of the title you really can’t go wrong.

I personally cannot wait to get my gauntlets on this title and work my way through another adventure. There is really a feel of the old style RPG here like Vandal Hearts and Final Fantasy Tactics for the battle system but mixed in with the exploration that you will find in majority of the RPG games out there. We will be following this and getting a review to you as soon as we can. What are you thoughts on Rainbow Moon? Have you played this previously or looking to try it for the first time?

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