Umbrella Corps Details and Release Timing


Today it has been confirmed by Capcom that their upcoming multiplayer shooter Umbrella Corps will be getting released in May 2016 for Playsation 4 and PC.  Bringing a new and exciting change into the world of Resident Evil, Umbrella Corps is set to be a fast-paced third person shooter for between 1-6 players to battle it out over a many familiar locations. Majority of the game modes will be geared towards competitive team battles but will also include a single player mode called “The Experiment” that will challenge players to hone their skills as they familiarize themselves with the world in more than twenty missions with varying objectives. This coliseum style horde like mode strips players of the zombie jammer device that provides perilous protection in multiplayer modes, putting them in a head-on confrontation with progressively harder waves of creatures, across multiple missions.


Fans of the Resident Evil series will be happy to know that levels will be heavily inspired by previous titles such as Resident Evil 4 & 5. Originally it was announced that one map that would feature would be set in the Umbrella Laboratory, since then it has been confirmed that the Village from RE4 will be available allowing matches to escalate up onto the rooftops just like in the main game. The Tricell organization from RE5 has newly imaged HQ to explore as well and I am sure there will be many more memorable places to battle across too. Players will not only have to face off against other mercenary players but stage specific enemies such as the crazed Gandos (RE4) and the bloody-thirsty and terrifying Cerberus dogs (You should know them well).

With a couple of months until release I am sure there will be many more details to be yet released and I am for one really looking forward to this. Resident Evil has over time taken risks and moved into new ways of bringing horror to the fans. Not all have been received well such as RE6 (Which personally I really enjoyed!) but with the ever-changing world of gaming these risks need to be tried. Having an all out multiplayer shooter with other enemies and threats available is going to a real treat. We are looking forward to hearing more. Check out the 2nd trailer below and let us know your thoughts.


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