EGX: The Rezzed Sessions

EGX is such a huge show of games and technology that there is so much to see and do. This year we spent a little more time in the Rezzed area looking at some of the new and upcoming indie games that were on offer. I have to admit, there were some real charmers this year which have stolen our hearts and certainly left us wanting to play more. So I’ve decided to share an overview of some of the indie games we got to test out including a couple whose developers were kind enough to give us codes for so we could play for a little longer! Apologies for the delay in posting this article, however work often gets in the way of play and then Assassins Creed turned up and, well…. you know the rest…..

Black & White Bushido – Endemol

To say we dropped into this booth a few times is an understatement and I won’t steal Kuniku’s thunder in going into too much detail on this one ahead of his review which will be following soon after some technical hitches with the PC. Very fun and fast paced,  great party game for you and some competitive mates trying to outdo each other as you fight as Shadow and Light. We were runners up in the tournament the gang ran on the Sunday and thoroughly enjoyed our time chatting with the developers about this title. That’s all I can say for now but watch this space for a full review from Kuniku!


One Upon Light – Rising Star Games

I actually only watched Kuniku play this title as I had hit the wall for the day. Described as a ‘monochromatic styled top-down puzzle game’, you play a scientist who is trying to discover what happened in the Aurora Science’s labs. You move through the shadows, slow down time and manipulate objects to avoid the light which will inevitably end you if you spend more than a second in it. It requires some imaginative and often quick thinking to get through each stage successfully without risking touching the light.


Tango Fiesta – Mastertronic

Tango Fiesta is great fun and hilariously chaotic (in a good way of course). It’s a co-op shooter title filled with many laughs and carnage allowing up to 4 players to cause mayhem together. As a team you touch down with the objective to take out as many enemies as you can by shooting off your guns and some cheesy 80s movies style puns along the way. Working together, you can heal teammates and focus fire to clear areas and bosses quickly while maintaining a little friendly competition by seeing who was the best at the end. I’ll be honest, I tended to just follow the ol’ reliable spray and play approach but actually in the game you are probably better off focusing your fire a little better while avoiding the hailstorm of bullets heading towards you in all directions. This title definitely works well as a co-op game and is certainly one to pick up if you and a few mates fancy raising some hell!


I Want To Be Human – Rising Star Games

Now this was one we watched our good friend Jolly Frog Gaming play! A gore style side scrolling platform with lots of blood and exploding body parts. It reminds me a little of a pixelated Binding of Issac. Take out enemies and just keep moving, a very interesting looking game and one that was very busy over the weekend making it one I’m very sad to have missed out on. However from the game play I have seen, I would definitely love to get my hands on this title to give it a proper run and take in all the madness as it looks like the perfect game for me!


Poncho – Rising Star Games

Well what an adorable and fun game. Reminiscent of Fez, it is a multi layered side scrolling platform in which you search for your maker. You move through dimensions and overcome the sometimes puzzling levels to progress to the next area. Some hand-eye co-ordination is required for this one to save you from accidentally ending Poncho’s life by mistake. I really enjoyed the challenges involving trying to time Poncho’s jumps forward and back to match the changing scenery as it keeps you on your toes and once you get the hang of it, they throw in some trickier combinations of moves to make it a little more difficult. Kind of cute and a lot of fun, another good title from Rising Star Games which I would certainly like to play more of very soon!


Kaiju Panic – Mechabit

Kaiju Panic is a strategy game in which you need to rescue survivors, keep them safe from Kaiju attacks to ensure the survival of the human race. It begins with a meteor crashing down in our once peaceful country and upon heading out to investigate you pick up some survivors and start to quest to fight off the Kaiju. The opening levels give a good introduction to the basics of the gameplay, for example collecting harvested meteor shards enables you to build more useful things in the battle with our new enemies such as cannons and harvesting equipment to generate more shards to buy better upgrades to protect your civilians and town with. You can assign civilians to work in certain areas to increase their affect and be sure to run around collecting the Kaiju samples to give to the wacky scientist and find ways to develop better defenses. I’m terrible at strategy games which I will happily admit and I did struggle at times to complete some of the levels with some element of success unlocking more continents filled with Kaiju to beat. This was mainly due to my poor planning but fortunately you can go back and redo the missions to pick up missing civilians or save the buildings you failed to protect. If you like your strategy games mixed with some comedy and very cool cartoon-esque graphics, you should definitely pick up Kaiju Panic and I dare say you will get further than I did before I began to fail miserably and just get completely overrun!


Sheltered – Team 17

Sheltered is a strategy game in a similar vein to the popular Fallout 4 gaming app but a little different. The aim of the game is to survive which you can do by expanding your shelter, making decisions on whether to take in other survivors and sending your folks out into the wasteland to find supplies. It’s not overly complicated but does require a little bit of consideration before choices are made as they could make all the difference. I am well known for not being great at strategy games and I must say even with the lovely rep helping me through, I’m pretty sure everyone would die within a matter of hours if left with me. It isn’t an overly complex game but you do have to think about where your survivors are, what jobs need doing to maintain your shelter and also what supplies you have to keep you going or even trade if it came to it. If you got on with the Fallout app, then you will certainly enjoy this game.


The Escapists: The Walking Dead – Team 17

If it’s Walking Dead related, I’m usually interested and sadly any games relating to the comics have left me a little cold. I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed playing this one! The demo consisted of following Officer Rick through the hospital in his first encounter with the Walking Dead and in the process collecting items to assist in his escape and taking out the zombies. The demo was very linear so it was difficult to get turned around and end up going in circles to find the objective which I would assume is how each level will be but getting more intense as each level passes. It looks as though it will follow the graphic novels closely to give you the full experience in all of its gory glory so if you like the idea of the Walking Dead in pixel form, you should probably check this one out.


Aaero – Mad Fellows

Another title viewed from over the broad shoulders of our dear Kuniku, Aaero looked like a very smooth and visually stunning game. It is a rail shooter which reminded me of Entwined up to a certain point. You pilot a craft through some very stylized levels avoiding obstacles and battling bosses while listening to a pumping soundtrack. The sounds is linked to the freeform game play and looks to be very interesting. Due for release in 2016, I look forward to hopefully giving this one a go in the future.


Mushroom 11 – Untame

We spent a little time watching some gamers attempt to speed run the demo and showing onlookers how it’s done but due to a hectic schedule did not get a chance to play it over the EGX weekend. The objective is to solve puzzles using your mushroom by changing it’s form and keeping it moving at all times to get through some tricky levels filled with perils which can hinder your progress and leave you struggling to reach the end. At the end of each chapter there is a boss fight which picks up the tempo after the methodical preceding levels. It sounds easy but requires speed, accuracy and some clever thinking which I most certainly lack and players we watched were determined to get through with minimal damage to their trusty mushroom.



Looking back, we really didn’t get to cover as many games as I would have liked this EGX which is a real shame but I’m really hoping that we have the opportunity to go to the Rezzed event next year and really get stuck into these awesome titles and those heading our way in the coming months. We are very grateful to the developers who were kind enough to send us demos to play so we could spend more time getting stuck into them!

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