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Primal Carnage Roars on to PS4

Fresh on the heels of the monstrous success of Jurassic World this summer comes a unique twist on the First Person Shooter genre from Circle 5 Studios – pitting a team of well armed humans against a team of ravenous carnivorous in Primal Carnage: Extinction.

Already well established on PC, Primal Carnage: Extinction is now coming to PS4 – having already been released in SCEA regions with the European launch pending shortly I have been fortunate enough to try this out first hand.

The game offers up a choice of 5 human classes with a range of weapons from tranquilizer to shotgun to flame thrower! The human game play takes place from a first-person perspective with each class offering a unique style of game play and abilities that will help your team counteract the dino threat.


Fancy tearing it up as a dinosaur? Then you’re in luck with 10 different species to choose from ranging in both size and abilities from the nimble Novoraptor to the gigantic Tyrannosaurus or even take to the sky with the Pteranodon. As with the human classes each dinosaur species offers a different style of play which requires some degree of mastering to get the best out of it. The raptors are swift, nibble and capable of quickly outflanking the opposition whilst the larger species are a little less subtle in approach yet capable of taking a few hits on route to devouring the humans.

With Multiple game modes available there is plenty to keep you occupied – from the familiar Team Death-match style combat, Survival Mode against a never ending horde of hungry dinosaurs or try out your best Schwarzenegger impression in “Get to the Choppa!” mode which involves freeing a heli pad for evac or ensuring your lunch doesn’t take to the skies


The graphics themselves can be a little “blocky” at times but the gameplay and sounds more than make up for this as the atmospheric jungle noises and rustling bushes make it actually feel like your being hunted. The controls as well can be a little jumpy, making aiming your weapon/claws a little difficult and the button layout may need tweaking to suit personal tastes but this might just be me coming from a Battlefield background.


Primal Carnage: Extinction is a excitingly refreshing take on a heavily flooded PvP shooter genre and with a few graphical and game play tweaks I really feel it could become a niche contender against some of the other more established names and is well worth keeping an eye out for on its EU launch

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