IDM Colchester: First Event

On the 13th of October myself and Kuniku were invited down to the Essex University to cover an interesting new event called IDM Colchester that was put together by Daniel Colaianni of DoubleUpGaming. The event itself was a way for game developers across Essex to meet up and network and also learn some great information from a special guest speaker.


The event kicked off at around 18:30 to allow for developers from all fields to network and chat amongst themselves. When we arrived you could see straight away how much support there was for this community as the place was packed. We quickly grabbed our press passes and a free local IDM Ale from Pitfield brewery (Can’t argue with free booze). It was great to get involved and meet so many people who have such a passion for game development in all fields from audio development down to hardcore coding. From someone who reviews and plays games it made a change to meet people who either are professional developers or starting their journey into that world and really get a feel for what it is like behind the scenes of the beautiful final products we get on the shelves. My respect for the development scene has grown a lot since this event.


After the initial networking we were taken into one of the class rooms for a talk from a very special speaker by the name of Andy Touch, Unity 3D’s technological evangelist. There were talks from Andy, first on game creation and the second on bringing it to life via Unity 3D. Andy again managed to bring serious passion to the floor about his job and the love you can see that he has for it and even for a guy who has never considered game development I found myself suddenly very interested in looking into it further. Andy put across to the room just how much work each field required and how each of them works together and the unity required to bring the final products together. The talks also highlighted the shameful lack of money that there is in game development which surprised me but as with everything else the harder you work and push your passion the more it can pay off. There were over 160 individuals in that room, a few of whom I got to know and am really looking forward to see how their journeys progress. A last thank you to Andy also for ending the night with the fantastic music from SEAL – Kiss From A Rose (We caught him using it to test his audio and of course demanded the full version, great guy all round!)


Between the talks we were even fed for free by the local Papa Johns Pizzeria which went down perfectly. Ale and Pizza, we were treated very well! There was more networking during this time and I managed to get talking to a couple of developers and gaming fanatics that were attending. The community was so easy to talk to and a great laugh. We were also happy to see our friends from OPM Jobs down there, Art from Xtreme Gaming and Phil from Game Colchester. A great bunch of people from all variations of the gaming community.

This might have been the first IDM Colchester but we can certainly say it will not be the last, Daniel has advised that he will be looking to make this event quarterly with one mega event at the end of each year. We will be making sure to be a part of this and see how it all progresses. We have already seen what Daniel can do and we know how much drive he has to push it further.


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