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On the 13th of October 2015 Double Up Gaming are bringing the first ever game development event to Essex. The event named IDM Colchester will be held at Essex Business School, University of Essex Campus between 18:30 – 21:00. The aim of this event will be to bring the wide community of hobbyists, professionals and local game studios together in one exciting informal event.

The event is in partnership with the University of Essex & Colchester Games Hub, they will be providing creative discussions around the game’s development sector, bringing in a highly profound and expert speaker from Unity3d. This will also provide a great opportunity for local developers and gamers to network.

The event will kick off with brief welcome and time to network and then an introduction to the event followed by two exclusive talks from Andy Touch.

  • Talk one: What you should be doing to create a successful game.

  • Talk two: Using Unity to bring your games to life.

After the talks are finished there will be a discussion on what people want from the games industry in Essex and how the IDM meetup can help achieve this so get your questions and points ready to put across to the team and help them with their goal.


For those who do not know Unity3d is the worlds largest game development tool with over 47% of game developers using this amazing tool to create their games. Andy Touch who will be the specialised speaker for the event is one of Unity’s most prolific European evangelists who is an expert in designing and developing games for a wide range of platforms. For anyone who is new to game development or has a craving to learn more about what is involved and how to move forward and succeed this will be an event you do not want to miss.

DoubleUpGaming is run by Daniel Colaianni, a local Sixth form student with a lot of drive and passion for game development. Typically working with smaller indie devs all the way up to AAA developers such as 2K games, Ubisoft and Activision. DoubleUpGaming have a strong focus on high quality and in-depth features on interesting angles within the video game industry. Maintaining and building upon a talented industry within games sector, they are passionate about bringing together gaming communities starting with their home town of Colchester, Essex.

We are really excited to be going and doing coverage of this event and will be really looking forward to taking a deeper look into game development rather than just enjoying the finished titles. Below you will find links to DoubleUpGaming and their event. This is a free event will food and drink provided, so what are you waiting for go and get registered and join us there.

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