I Am Bread (PS4) Review

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From Bossa Studios the creators of Surgeon Simulator comes one of the most frustrating and all round fun games I have played in a long time. I am Bread is a brilliantly simple game that on its basic level puts you in control of a slice of bread that you must turn into tasty toast. I have a real love for games that offer some seriously random and crazy gameplay and this one really ticks the boxes.

The main story of I Am Bread will take you on a journey to toast up this determined slice of tasty bread (Or so you will think, there is a very different underlying story that you will uncover). You will travel through such lands as the Lounge, Kitchen and Garage and face many an obstacle. The problem you are instantly faced with is that you are a fair distance from any available heat source to cook yourself into perfection. This is where the trial begins as you navigate your way across the room without losing your “edibility” (Basically your health bar). A lot of things can affect this including dirty floors, cat litter and what I can only assume were ants on the worktop. I previously said that this game was frustrating and I meant it. This game has brought me to the point of shouting at a virtual slice of bread through my TV due to finally reaching a toaster and then somehow managing to flip myself not into the toaster as expected but across the counter and straight into a cat litter tray successfully losing all edibility. That was on the first level that took me at a good nine tries to complete but when you finally reach that goal and see your slice happily browning, the feeling of accomplishment cannot be explained. I won’t lie, I threw my controller into the sofa and danced around my lounge exclaiming to my friend that this was how you make toast, while thrusting in his general direction.


The controls take a good bit of getting used to as you will be required to use the shoulder buttons to control each corner of your slice and the left analogue stick to edge in each direction. This can get confusing while you are trying to scale a wall and you end up pressing the wrong shoulder button and crashing down onto the dirty floor to meet your demise. After a while they do start to make sense and you will find yourself crossing walls like you are in Mission Impossible. You can also use the main buttons on your controller to stick to items and move them around with you which just adds to the crazy that is going on around you. With the ability to grab onto and smash items you will be able to find certain secrets that can aid your toast based mission like slapping yourself into a nice dish of butter or jar of jam to increase your deliciousness level. The camera angles are something to watch out for as they can cause you more problems as you try to move the right analogue stick to correct your view without falling or sliding off the surface that you are currently stuck to. Everything in this game is aimed at fun all the way the down to the graphics and music with a very colourful and detailed playing field where just about everything can be moved or smashed, complimented with an upbeat and cheerful soundtrack.


You will also find there are other modes available to you other than just the story such as Cheese Hunt, Rampage, Bagel Races, Zero-G and Free Play. I have found myself quite addicted to the Bagel Race mode where you travel at super bagel speeds through check points to reach the end goal while avoiding (smashing) obstacles. Rampage on the other hand gives you some room to release all that frustration you have probably built up from the main story by transforming you into a destruction obsessed baguette with a mission to take down every breakable item you can. This game is one that should be placed into every gamers library and with a nice price tag of £9.99 you really have no excuses not to try your hand at it. This is really a game that is suited to a room full of friends as you watch each of them fail at something that at first seems so simple but turns into raised voices and laughter. Bossa Studios have excelled in producing two high quality, fun and original games so far and we can’t wait to see what else they have up their sleeves.

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