Dishonored 2: What We Know So Far

If no one had noticed, I have a raging lady hard-on for Dishonored. Imagine my reaction when Dishonored 2 was announced.  As someone who enjoys open-world action adventure games, I had decided to play Dishonored to challenge myself in stealth. So far it’s been one of the best games I’ve played, along with one of the best DLC’s. Yup, I really, really like Dishonored.

The game is set 15 years after the first one; Emily has been trying to keep the fragile peace in the Empire of Isles from breaking. If you’ve played the first game, you’ll remember Emily as the daughter of the assassinated Empress from the first game. Although I’m pretty sure Corvo is her father since its heavily hinted at during the first game.



As subtle as Corvo stabbing someone in the neck.


Anyway, an ‘otherworldly usurper’ shatters Emily’s attempts by dethroning her and making the young empress an outlaw. Unlike the first game, Emily is no longer a helpless child. This time she is determined to follow in Corvo’s footsteps by becoming an assassin and restore her title plus power. Arkane boss, Harvey Smith, stated that players interest in the little princess was the reason they wanted to continue with Emily’s story.

“There’s something kind of magical about Emily for us and the game. As soon as we finished Dishonored 1 we began talking about how what we really felt energy about was continuing Emily’s story. What kind of person would she grow up to be, what kind of empress would she be. As you find out in the game, what kind of outlaw would she be.”



Badasses don’t look at electric shocks. 


Unlike the first game, both protagonists will actually talk instead of being silent the entire way through. It is enjoyable to sometimes play as a silent character such as Jack in Bioshock. It allows you to become fully immerse into the game by steering a silent character. But by the time you get to Bioshock Infinite, you hear the voice of Booker as the world has already be established. Although Troy Bakers voice is very magical and awesome in Infinite. In Dishonored 2, Emily will be a walking, talking, killing badass. Even Corvo will say something instead of letting everyone lead him around like some killer blow up doll.




Too badass to contain her sass.


During the prologue of the game you play as Emily but afterwards the play is given the option of either playing as Corvo or Emily. Take note that this is a onetime deal, there is no switching back and forth between missions. I’m actually looking forward to this as this allows varying experiments between low and high chaos, which I enjoyed greatly during my run through of Dishonored. In Dishonored 2, you are given the chance of exploring four paths with two different characters. I plan to stop having a life once the game is out.

There has also been a hint at a ‘third path’ by the developers although its purpose is unknown.  Corvo and Emily will go on the same missions although both will see them through different perspective and react in varying forms.

It is confirmed that the abilities you see portrayed in the trailer by Emily will be featured in the game play. One in particular is known as ‘Far Reach’ which is a teleportation ability, a different form of Corvo’s ‘blink’ ability. What is implied by the Dishonored universe is that the Outsider can only gift magic onto those he finds interesting. If you have ever played the DLC Knife of Dunwall (do it, its one of the best I’ve ever played), you’ll know that the Outsiders giftee’s all have varying powers.


Slow time and then stab all the faces!


“If you play as Emily it’s all new—she has her own set of powers, her own assassinations and animations, so she feels different, she feels like a finesse character. In the video, we show a power called Far Reach [a teleportation ability] which can be upgraded in different ways, and it changes your flow through the world and your mobility. Just on a videogame level, moving through the world feels different,” Harvey Smith, the co-creative director at developer Arkane Studios, told The Guardian. “But if you play Corvo, it’s all this classic stuff, it’s the rat swarms, it’s possession, it’s stopping time—he feels more heavy and brutal, he’s an older guy.”

The powers will also have a new upgrading system such as a skill tree which will upgrade and extend abilities. It has been confirmed that Corvo will have same powers from the first game, although the player will be given the opportunity to deepen them. The developers state that this has been done because this game will be more difficult than the previous one. Because the first one wasn’t challenging in anyway nor did it make me rage quit at any point. Every chance you get, save the damn game.

Well, I’ve gushed enough about the Dishonored 2 and what may happen. I look forward to the burning hole in my purse when it comes out.



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