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Xtreme Gaming Relaunch – 12th September 2015

Our good friends at Xtreme Gaming in Colchester, Essex, have been very busy over the summer. While some of their projects have been public, some were on the down low, and I’ve been excitedly looking forward to them all since earlier this year when I was first told of the projects they had in store for us.

Anybody local who has walked by Xtreme Gaming on Colchester’s High Street in recent weeks will likely have seen the mess caused by their refitting, gradually over the last few months the front desk has been taken out, new floor laid in the front of the store, new desk put in, VIP area put together, driving area build…. The list goes on.

What it all comes down to, is actually a bit more behind the scenes, Xtreme Gaming have become a gaming centre like no other in the seven years they’ve been open, they’ve grown and become a big player in the UK video games industry, and with that has followed the question: What Next?

Even in the last year or so since I’ve been more active at Xtreme Gaming (when I set up Friday Night Fights) they have hosted many large scale events, from the Ultra Street Fighter 4 launch event, to the Alien Isolation cinema launch event and everything in between.




But now, to step up their game, Xtreme Gaming have announced their official partnership with Mad Catz and Alienware. These partnerships are a big part of the stores recent upgrades. The front of the store will now be the worlds first permanent physical Mad Catz shop, open for all your gaming peripheral needs. A little bird also told me that there could well be a special discount on the upcoming launch day as well.

But what about the Alienware partnership I hear you cry? Xtreme Gaming are no longer solely a purely Xbox gaming centre, while the store will still be dominated by Xbox 360’s as well as the Xbox Ones downstairs in their bunker, there will now be a high end PC gaming arena powered by top of the range Alienware PCs.




Throw into the mix some more cosmetic changes taking place, with the new VIP area, with a glorious 50″ screen, brand new leather sofa and beautiful tilework to the new Mad Catz Racing setup with an amazing LED lit stage.



There are big things in the future of Xtreme Gaming, including some stuff I’m not allowed to discuss yet!


So come down and celebrate both the relaunch of Xtreme Gaming with their new partnerships, and their 7th birthday, albeit slightly belated, THIS SATURDAY! Thats Saturday the 12th of September, at Xtreme Gaming on Colchester High Street. The event runs from 11am to 6pm, and it will be £10 for a whole day of gaming and celebration, Mad Catz have supplied many prizes, which will be given away in various competitions as well as a raffle – not to mention that cheeky discount available for anything specifically you might want to buy from the new Mad Catz Shop.


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