Until Dawn Review (spoiler free)

Hi there guys, Mike here and I’m here to give to you Until Dawn…Where do I begin with this (shudders in excitement.)

So for those of you unfortunate to have not given this game a blast yet should know that Until Dawn is a PS4 exclusive from Supermassive Games and Sony, the title is attempting to bring a Clichéd teenage slasher horror to next-gen. And after playing it I can confidently speak out and say Until Dawn is true to the claim. The player takes on the role of eight friends who return to Blackwood, where a year before hand after a prank goes wrong two of them go missing in mysterious circumstances.
Until Dawn really delivers, with its jump scares and the eerie atmosphere of the lodge and surrounding environments players instantly get immersed in the world that has been created for them, The highlight for me is how well written the story and characters are, with one of my favourite actresses Hayden Panettiere (Heroes and Scream 4) leading the fight for survival, Until Dawn keeps players on the edge of their seats at all times.

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So how good is Until Dawn with all the hype surrounding it’s release last week? Well after completing it I instantly started again, the replay ability for it is insane. With only having 3 out of the 8 friends survive the end (Hayden was one thankfully) I clicked new game straight away to attempt it again and save everyone.
The game revolves around the butterfly effect system, where EVERY tiny decision the player makes may have huge and possibly tragic consequences for the characters. With that being said and with only one run through I can say that Supermassive Games have really outdone themselves, with sleek, smooth and insatiable graphics, a very well written story and a HUGE plot twist that made me fall in love with the game even more than I already was to begin with.

Now I understand these kinds of games are not for everyone, there was much negativity surrounding the game in terms that people disliked the feel of it being almost just an “Interactive movie” well I do think that people should definitely give it go, because although I agree it is to a certain extent an Interactive movie, I feel this is why it works so much, and Supermassive had said that was the feel they were going for all along.

So to move on what is wrong with Until Dawn, in my honest opinion as a reviewer the only things that irritated me was the length, now this is dependant on the player playing it but as it was my first time I played it and finished it within 2 days I would have liked it to have been longer. The whole aura around the serial killer was clouded over a little by the massive twist in the game and from there on Until Dawn does become a lot more intense and seemed shorter than it potentially could have been.

My second was the twist in the plot, I was unsure whether I liked it or not and after completing it I was a little gutted about the ending, a bit anti-climatic in my opinion… unfortunately I can’t say much else as I don’t want to be the guy that everyone blames for ruining the story (so put your pitch forks and torches away)

In general Until Dawn makes up for its flaws in the outstanding acting of the cast, the story, the graphics and just the whole experience to be honest, and for the survival horror fans out there please, GET IT! you will not be disappointed, and who doesn’t want to play a game where you can help save the cheerleader right? My favourite part of this is definitely Hayden and below you can see her in action as she is being hunted by our Clown killer.

Other than Sam (Hayden) the rest of the cast are pretty awesome and so good, each character draws you into who they are and how they react to the situations around them makes you want to save them. I really felt pity when my actions got them killed and I am now making it my mission this time round to save everyone as it can be so easy, one mistake and they are GONE! and just like that your nerves of wanting to scream at the TV take over (Well mine did anyway after I got Ashley, the sweetheart killed I couldn’t bring myself play for an hour or so) I did so and vowed that if I got Same killed I would most defiantly would have started again.

So my Verdict of Until Dawn, a MUST for horror fans, and to be fair if you loved games such as PS3’s Heavy Rain and also PS2’s Fahrenheit then this is certainly for you, and if you are curious about it just give it a go, and I promise once you get into it the game is almost impossible to put down.

Until Dawn gets a VERY respectable 8/10

It would be a 10 however the length of the game in my opinion is a down fall, but nevertheless Don’t let that put you off Playing this as Until Dawn is most certainly my game of 2015 so to all my fellow gamers out there let me know what you think and who you managed to save in the game. Peace out guys and enjoy

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