Rocket League!

Sometimes the simple things can be the most fun and Rocket League is proof of that! What was originally a PS Plus game for July has seemed very popular and quite addictive to a degree. Now let me first state that I do not like football… at all. I have a serious aversion to its very existence which is why it feels incredibly odd that I should enjoy this game quite so much. But it’s fun, fast paced and really brings out the competitive side of people which makes it a little easy to lose a significant amount of your day playing with friends.


It’s car football with booster pads, car acrobatics and stadiums which let you ride up the walls. Let’s just say 4v4 mode is absolute chaos at kick off! This is a game gives you the option to have a game or two while waiting for your dinner to cook or spend hours with various friends taking on opponents for XP or trophies. Training is short and sweet as there aren’t many buttons to worry about and a lot of the technique is best learned while the ball is moving. Once training is complete, you have the choice of joining your friends and having a bit of practice in the Exhibition area allowing you to gain some XP and play against bots. You could jump straight into Season mode and get cracking on your career or get Online and play against other players in a selection of categories which will get you a little more XP.

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Exhibition mode is pretty handy if you are new to the game as you can pit yourself against Rookie bots who will give you a run for your XP. But the real games happen in Online mode where you can get some friends together and take on folks on your particular server. Win matches and unlock more gear for your car which include hats, decals and various funky boost trails for you to dazzle your opponents with. Overall it’s a pretty simple concept. Drive as fast as you can at the ball and time your jumps perfectly enough to get that epic long shot you’ve always dreamed of…. It doesn’t always go down that way but it’s still great fun!


The only small thing I have found an issue with is the lag which can be a little frustrating when you can no longer control your car or the ball disappears into the ground when you are just about to hit it and score that equalizer. This has happened a few times but seems to happen less and less as the days go by. I would say it makes it more challenging, but no one likes lag. Other than that, I can’t fault it and now there’s some DLC with for players to enjoy which is available on the PS Store.

So why are you sitting here reading this? Go forth, customize your cars and score goals while having fun with your friends. Like I said, it’s simple and straight to the point which makes it so enjoyable. So instead of waffling on about graphics, sounds and all sorts, get on your PS4 and get playing!

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