Venom Vibration Stereo Gaming Headset Review


Recently I had been looking around the web to upgrade my standard PS4 headset with something that would offer me more immersion in my gameplay. This led me to Venom Gaming who were kind enough to send me out one of their Vibration Stereo Gaming Headsets. Now I have previously used stereo headsets at events and such but this was my first time actually owning and using one in my home.

I’ll be honest and say when I received this in the post I became a child again and couldn’t wait to get the headset setup and tested. Included with the headset are all the cables you will need including headphone jack to component cable which was much-needed as my TV did not have a headphone input. Getting the actual game audio to come through the headset was a bit troublesome which was down to my own fault, it took me a while to remember that I had a ‘devices’ area in settings, once I overcame this failure everything was ready to go.

I decided that the best game for testing was going to be Battlefield Hardline, a game I have been enjoying for a while. Entering the first match was a clear game changer with the headset on. Rather than feeling like you were sitting on the sofa playing a game, it felt like I had entered the field of battle. I was overwhelmed with gunfire and commands coming from all around me. This made the sound of bullets flying past your head more noticeable and the location of where vehicles and soldiers were much easier to identify (playing as a sniper, this really aided me in my quest for kills but kept me from being snuck up on too often). The quality of the sound is very crisp and really brought out the atmosphere of the game which you really can’t get from the TV or the included headset.Venom2Built into the headset there is a vibration function which is aimed to offer a more enhanced experience with the dual shock controller. I found this to be a nice little addition that was not over the top. You can certainly feel it, but not in a way that makes you feel like your head is rattling around. The control box that is attached lower down on the headset gives you option to adjust all aspects of the headset from game and chat volume, vibration level and to muteunmute the microphone. If, like me, you sit further back from the TV and are concerned with cable length then Venom have got this under control with a sturdy 4 meter cable.

One thing we are always going to look for in a headset is the quality of your voice and team chat. It will never matter how good the sound quality of a game is if you are let down by either not being able to hear your own team or friends in-game. Again, back to Battlefield, but this time with a squad. When the party chat was initiated the game volume took a bit of adjusting in the menus and headset but once the right volume levels were located for voice and game everything came together. The audio was crisp and clean for me and my team which is exactly what was needed, even when I was shouting and swearing at the many deaths I suffered (it was a bad couple of rounds).

The look and feel of the Venom Vibration Stereo Gaming Headset is very robust and in no way flimsy, this company knows what a gamer likes in their peripherals and they really do produce a quality product. There is even a nice LED setup in the ear cups when powered on, not needed but who doesn’t love a shiny extra? The headset is currently retailing at £35 from GAME. This might sound like a biased review but when a product delivers what you wanted and hoped for it is hard to fault. I am personally looking forward to getting a few more venom products under my belt to try to report to you all.

Full product specs can be found below.

  • Stereo headset with 40mm Neodymium drivers designed exclusively for PS3™ & PS4™
  • Vibration feature with 30mm drivers to enhance gameplay in conjunction with the vibration on the DUALSHOCK®4 Wireless Controller
  • Robust & durable design
  • LED feature on ear cups
  • In line volume control unit with game & chat volume, mute & vibration sensitivity up/down
  • 4 metre cable with USB input directly to the PS4™ or PS3™ system
  • Removable high density microphone


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