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Yoshi's Woolly Wonder-World

So it’s here and it’s adorable! Yoshi’s Woolly World has landed on the Wii U and is along the same lines as Yoshi’s Island but with the yarn population of it’s inhabitants being in danger from being knitted into Shy Guys. You have to save them from almost certain doom!

If you picked up the special edition, you will have bagged yourself a Yarn Yoshi amiibo to add to your collection and there are green, pink and blue ones to collect. I have to admit, they are a bit cute and very well knitted for the game. I’m quite happy with one but if you do have any other amiibos, be sure to head to the tent on the starting island in order to get some costumes for your Yoshi to change into as it’s a nice little touch if you want to mix things up a bit.


The controls are the same as Yoshi’s Island on the DS. You can jump, do your airborne wiggle to get higher, grab enemies with your tongue, poop out balls of yarn (instead of eggs *bum*) and spit balls out if you’ve just gobbled someone up. All pretty straight forward which is lovely! As you go through the levels trying to collect your daisies, little hearts, stamp tokens and most importantly the missing wool, you’ll come up against familiar enemies who try to throw you off your stride. Now there is the puzzle element of it still so you do have to look for clues to secret areas that you can push or a yarn thread you can pull (which let’s you pop out a bigger ball of yarn). You also have your question mark clouds which only appear if you are close to them so keep a look out for these too.


As you go through the levels and hopefully collect the missing wool, you’ll be able to knit together your friends and hopefully save the day! If you save one you like the look of, then you can perform a switcheroo and continue with them instead. You’ll also notice lots of gems around the levels. These are also worth picking up as you will collect badges along the way which give you perks to use throughout the level at a cost. I tend to find the bigger yarn balls handy for some of the trickier levels.

You will also notice stripy lines for you to throw your balls at in order to knit a platform for you to jump onto, these sometimes have gems on them so it’s worth hitting everything you can in order to make the most of the levels. But I think the best bits are some of the mini games within the main levels which transform your Yoshi into a bike or an umbrella or whatever else they throw at you to mix things up a bit. There is also a two player mode (which we haven’t tried out yet) but having two Yoshi’s is bound to be better than one right?


The graphics are pretty good and do capture the knitted feel really well while still keeping to the Yoshi level look that fans will know so well. The music and sounds compliment the surrounding too, especially the little ‘bum’ everytime you squeeze out a new yarn ball and the well know Yoshi noises you will have become accustomed to in previous encounters. It’s the little touches in this game that make you feel like the designers really thought of everything down to the last button and knitting needle. Even the enemies have been spun in such a way that you think they’re cute but you have to remember they are trying to get you.

I have to admit that I do love the Yoshi games as they are easy to just pick up and play a few levels of but equally if you’re on a roll, you could lose an hour or so to the cuteness. I think any true Nintendo fan will enjoy this game because it is one of their best loved characters in a fun and familiar environment. I suppose there isn’t much else to say because it is just such a lovely and fun game and in such a sad week for Nintendo following the passing of Mr Iwata, I think we could all use a little bit of happiness.

Thank you Mr Iwata and thank you Yoshi.

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