Remasters or Disasters

Gravity Rush Remastered

Just stop now please!

A trophy listing recently appeared online for what looks like a re-mastered edition of the series Prototype, spotted by Exophase.

Remember back in June, 2009 when this game was released, how you thought: “Man, I hope in two years time they release a horribly mediocre, buggy sequel to this just slightly above average sandbox action adventure game; then in six years time add a bit of polish to both and re-release it on the new generation of consoles.”

I cant wait to look at that on the store shelf, sat amongst the Uncharted Collection, God Of War 3 Re-mastered, The Arkham series, Beyond: Two Souls, Heavy Rain and Gravity Rush and think: “Oh awesome, I played all of these before and have all this spare money to splash out on an overpriced re-master of a game I have already played And may or may not still own.

Gravity Rush. That’s a vita game getting a rumoured re-master. For ps4.

Remastered Halo

I get that some people are making a direct console company jump and going from Xbox to Playstation, or that this is the first console they have owned. I have the smallest amount of passing grace for the Playstation exclusives, as they could have been missed, but even then, ask a friend to borrow that now defunct PS3 they don’t use and borrow the game.

If you are really kicking yourself for never owning that PS3 or playing those games, go buy one. You’ll get the console and game for less than a couple of AAA games.

For those non-exclusive games, no excuse.

This all just screams horrible cash-in to me. Who is asking for these? I mean, Prototype? Who is screaming for new console versions of those games?

This needs to stop. You! Publihsers! No more! STOP IT!

If you have time to lazily fart out this re-make crap, then perhaps consider either putting those resources into either sequels your fans are screaming for, or new IPs.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake – you get a pass on this, I get it. I don’t want to incur the wrath of that fan base. They have waited their time, and have been hoping for this game to be remade for years, unlike Prototype, which we’ve all forgotten, without effort, for years.

2 thoughts on “Remasters or Disasters”

  1. This is going to be trend for a while unfortunately. Mostly due to it being cheaper to enhance a game and then release it for those who get nostalgic about last week.

    I’m not against remasters or remakes per se but it has to be for something I feel needs it.

    Take the Dishonoured Definitive Edition coming out. I loved Dishonoured and still return to it now and again.

    However I won’t be getting the remaster as I still think the original is fine.

    1. Can agree with that. I just feel prototype didn’t leave us all wanting more in the first place, so why that game.

      I did consider dishonoured. Loved playing through that game

      But reason came into action. Why buy a game that runs perfectly fine anyway.

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