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July's PS+ Games Announced

Aunt Sony is back around again for that time of the month and July has a host of games coming our way for the various Sony Platforms.

Hot on the heels of the announcement that EU PS+ gamers will be recieving their weekly updates on the same day as our American counter-parts this months games have been announced and the list kicks off with a personal favourite for PS4

Rocket League (PS4)

The Next-Gen sequel of the popular Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars which combines little bits of destruction derby and football into a thunderdome style arena where all chaos occurs!

Entwined (PS4, PS Vita)


The story of a bird and a fish (?!) who are in love but can never be together, Entwined will test your reflexes and hand-eye co-ordination as you attempt to guide both through obsticle laden courses.

Styx: Master of Shadows (PS4)

A Stealth/RPG mashup which pits your character (Styx) stalking his way around the Tower of Akenash gaining new abilities and skills through various skill trees

Mousecraft (PS4, PS3, PS Vita)

An adventure puzzle title of a crazy cat scientist on his quest to unlock the secrets of a mysterious rodent powered machine

Rain (PS3)

The enchanting story of a young boy who follows a girl with an invisible silhouette and ends up embarking on a quest to save her from ghostly creatures.

Geometry Wars 3 (PS Vita)


Following its succesfull PS4 launch, Geometry Wars 3 comes to Vita in all its colourful multidirectional shooting glory with new 3D maps, Boss challenges and more!

All of the above will be available from the PS store from July 7th and as a reminder the PS+ edition of Driveclub is available as an extra game!

Recap of whats leaving and entering the PS Store this month:

7th July: Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes (PS4)
7th July: Skulls of the Shogun: Bone-A-Fide Edition (PS4)
7th July: Call of Juarez: Gunslinger (PS3)
7th July: Cloudberry Kingdom (PS3)
7th July: Futuridium (PS4/PS Vita)
7th July: Super Exploding Zoo (PS4/PS Vita)

Entering PS Plus:

7th July: Rocket League (PS4)
7th July: Styx Master of Shadows (PS4)
7th July: rain (PS3)
7th July: Mousecraft (PS4/PS3/PS Vita)
7th July: Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved (PS Vita)
7th July: Entwined (PS4/PS Vita)
Available now: DRIVECLUB PS Plus Edition

What do you think of this months offerings? Let us know in the comments below!


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