5 Years of PlayStation Plus


Yesterday saw the 5th anniversary for PlayStation Plus, since it was first launched back in June 2010 there have been 350 games made available to players across PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation Vita. I have only personally been a member since last year when I purchased my PlayStation 4 and have seen a varied range of games released. Not all of these have been top grade titles which has brought in complaints over time from player. I have found that it does open the chance to delve into some of the lesser know Indi titles that are out there and have been happily surprised by a few of them.

Not only has PlayStation Plus provided free gaming titles to its members but it has also offered you the ability to game online with your friends and rivals across a very wide range of titles from Call of Duty to Fifa. As much as I enjoy a good single player story sometimes nothing quite beats jumping into a bit of Battlefield and providing some much-needed support to a random team of players.

For those of you that have been proud members since the start of PlayStation plus you should have hopefully received a nice limited edition gift into you email accounts as a thank you for your dedication and support. If you have received one of these gifts then please let us know what you got and if you are happy with it. What are your thought on PlayStation Plus, is it worth the cost for what you get back as a player?

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