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Batman Arkham Knight

So it’s finally here. The final part in this Batman trilogy from Rocksteady and Warner Bros. Sadly, the Batmobile edition was pulled merely weeks before launch due to what I assume is a build error and if you ordered the statue edition, it’s delayed due to packaging issues! Still, I woke up on Tuesday and true to their word, Amazon sent me the code so I could play! Are you ready to go to war?

I am! And let’s just say I haven’t really held back since being unleashed upon a desperate Gotham to beat up some thugs, take out some bad guys and have a little fun along the way. Due to work commitments and of course, The Genital Games, my gameplay time so far has been a little restricted and after around 7/8 hours or so I’m at 30 % completion overall. It doesn’t sounds like much and it probably doesn’t look like it either, however there is so much going on at the same time that you do tend to stray away from the main story line of tracking down the Arkham Knight and Scarecrow before they completely destroys Gotham. I have enjoyed gliding around the city searching for Riddler trophies and side quests so far. It’s great! I personally don’t have any problem with doing this for hours at a time. But let’s have a round up at the goings on in Gotham (without giving too much away)!

  • Main story – check
  • Rescue missions – listening out for clues as to where the poor souls that need saving are
  • The Riddler – yup, he’s back and he’s got a plan to put a crimp on your evening
  • Murder mystery – listen out for the opera music to find your next victim to solve the crime
  • Militia – seek and destroy
  • Bombs – general idea is to get rid of them
  • Creature of the Night – similar to Militia but more of a helping hand rather than anything
  • And a few others which I either haven’t unlocked or can’t do yet!

All in all, you’ll be pretty busy!


So has the game changed much? Well other than being made to look stunning on next gen, the layout isn’t too different to Asylum and City. Combat is more or less the same with a few added special moves with more to unlock through upgrades/levels up and the baddies still have their blades, shock sticks, guns and shields. You also get some nimble ninja types and brutes which are basically your bouncers who need a full on beat down. You get the same gadgets, only with a few improvements which you can also upgrade but Lucius Fox also throws in a few updated gadgets which come in handy.

But I suppose the main difference is the Batmobile. It’s freaking awesome. Occasionally, I’ll get bored of flying, so I’ll dive at full speed towards the ground below to be greeted by my Batmobile so we can create mayhem around the city. As you may have seen on the trailers or game play videos, this bad boy takes on tanks and drones but also has a handy remote function and is great for chasing down crooks. The best bit though is that if you get close to a fleeing thug, it will give them an electric shock. So much fun, if not a little sadistic. You also have the satisfaction of ejecting yourself from your vehicles to take to the sky or kick the bejeezus out of a crazed thug. Enjoy my friends, enjoy!


They story and side missions require you to use all of your gadgets and skills, especially the Riddler sections. It is nice to have the puzzle aspect in the game but just remember to use all of your resources because I keep forgetting! When it comes to gadgets, don’t forget to upgrade them. I’ve used a lot of points on my suit, Batmobile and combat which has left my gadgets a little behind as I move onto the harder missions where these things come in really handy. Luckily it hasn’t been too bad so far, but I am going to try to do more side missions for those sweet WayneTech points so I can level these goodies up.

So what else is good? Well, you get to switch characters. As in you bump into an old friend and both take on some enemies but you’re able to switch between the Bat or your ally and tag team takedown some fools. It’s nice to try out some different characters and with the smooth combat, it does work really well. Part of me hopes that once completed, you get the chance to play portions of the side missions as the other characters or the season pass content will incorporate it somehow. Either way, it would be a shame to waste it and just have the option to play Harley Quinn if you pre-ordered. The story is pretty solid and neatly links all of your enemies together so they all get a few minutes in the spotlight, but the less I say, the less I can potentially give away by mistake.


I am aware PC users were affected by some pretty buggy issues. From my experience on the PS4, it doesn’t register that I’m connected to PSN so I can’t see leaderboards for the AR challenges. These include drone attacks, race tracks and all sorts. Although this of course doesn’t compare to the inconvenience PC gamers have had, it’s still a little irritating if you want to try and beat your friends! Either way, through updates and the like, I imagine these issues will be sorted soon. My only real complaint is the price of the DLC at £32.99 but because I love the Rocksteady Batman games, I paid out for it as I’m hoping the content will justify the price.

As I haven’t finished the game yet and now have Yoshi’s Woolly World to try and squeeze in at some point, I probably should have held off on writing this. However, it’s awesome. I seriously can see why it’s getting such high reviews from other blogs and gaming sites. The graphics are stunning, the story is solid, it will keep you busy and is perfect for folks who like to achieve 100% completion. Buy this game. Now!

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