Final Fantasy VII: The Remake


By now you should all be aware that Square Enix has announced the remake of Final Fintasy VII, this has got to be one of the greatest pieces of news that I have come across in a while. Since the tech demo was released back in 2005 I have been eagerly awaiting conformation that the remake would happen and 10 years later the dream is becoming a reality and fans around the world are over the moon.

Final Fantasy VII was originally released in 1997 (I was 12 years old!) and was one of the best RPG titles I had ever played. I was raised on RPG titles from a young age by my dad who I used to spend countless hours playing games with like Suikoden, Vandal Hearts, Shining Force and previous Final Fantasy titles to name a few. When I came to playing Final Fantasy VII I was instantly blown away, this game had everything that made a great RPG title what it was from a beautiful and in-depth story all the way down to the well written characters who you couldn’t help but build a relationship with and feel the heartache from (Reno from the TURKS was always a favourite of mine and he wasn’t even playable!). This was a game I refused to complete, I never wanted the story to end and it took many replays for me to finally give in and end this adventure and I know many players who went through the same. The big question that is going to come from the fans is will this really be what we all hope for or will it fail to live up to our expectations?


One of the biggest points that came from the announcement is this will not be some prettied up version of the original game. This is going to be a full built from the ground up to really show off the power of the current generation consoles. We can see from the trailer that graphically it shares a lot with Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children and Dissidia Final Fantasy. I still remember the first time I sat down and watched Advent Children, it brought such a deeper look and feel to the original cast of characters and their original pixelated look. Game director Tetsuya Nomura has advised that even though he does not want to go into specifics yet but the game will include new content, features and story. The new features and content I feel will be welcomed and part of me really hopes that they keep the original battle system in place and do not turn it into how Final Fantasy XV is looking, I really don’t think that will feel right. In regards to having additions to the story I think we all hope that this will be additional to the main game and that they are not looking to change or remove anything as I personally think what they originally brought to the table fitted in perfectly. I am sure that there is a lot of room now to bring in more and go deeper into characters and their roles and history, I guess time will tell on this.


From watching the trailer you an see that world looks a lot darker now and as people who have already played this game will know the story is far from always being a happy one but something that Square Enix managed to do was bring some great humour and fun moments into the tale and it has been confirmed that they will be keeping this, remember cross dressing Cloud, well that will be staying. Can you imagine going through that section with these graphics. It does make you wonder how the Honey Bee is going to look. Even writing this now I am thinking back to playing this and making how it is all going to look with this level of graphics including some of the most should crushing moments in gameplay I have ever experience (If you have played it, you will know what I am referring to). Take a moment and think back to the moments of this game that you enjoyed the most and then watch the trailer below and think how it is going to look in this version. It has also been advised that there will be no new characters but they will be pushing to make for a new realistic experience (Gematsu)


The Final Fantasy VII remake will have the original producer, director and scenario writer – Yoshinori Kitase, Nomura and Kazushige Nojima – will be heading the development team. This was surely the only way forward to have the original team pushing this project and shaping into the final product. Games are a creation of passion and no one else in my opinion would be able to push this forward in the right way than these guys. This seems to have been made possible due to all three having a break in schedule to start this project moving and also does not look like the first time that it has been discussed. The title is set to be released first on PS4 and will then be likely available on both the Xbox One and PC. With talk of this being a remake for the 20th anniversary I can imagine we have a long wait ahead but I am really looking forward to see where this goes.

So while we await more information you can check out the trailer below and be happy in knowing that if you can’t wait this long to get back into the story you will be able to get the HD port that is coming to PS4 in Winter 2015


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