Upgrading Your PS4 – hints and tips

Hard drive memory is a constant struggle in an age where you can’t just put a disc in your console without a 12 hour download starting up to delay your gameplay, more memory is needed. With the announcement that a 1TB PS4 will be released, it’s time to consider whether you invest in buying another PS4 or just upgrade… I’ve chosen to upgrade. Thanks to a good friend of mine sending a few links through, I have spent the morning replacing the 500GB hard drive and popping in a shiny new 2TB Seagate Expansion Drive that Argos luckily had in stock.


I’m not the most tech savvy person, but luckily LittleBigPacman’s video makes it really straight forward and is relevant to this particular hard drive. After doing this process on the PS3 a year or so ago, I had a rough idea of the process but the video only really details about using the online cloud to back up data (something which is only useful if you have PS Plus on your individual account, which I don’t!) so I thought it was best to let everyone know their options!

I opted for the ol’ USB back up option as I couldn’t upload to the cloud. You’ll need to make sure your USB is formatted, so plug it into your PC, head to My Computer, right click on your device and click format. Let it work it’s magic and then it should be ready to plug into your PS4. If it doesn’t recognise the device, an error message will pop up in the top let corner. If there is more than one account on your PS4, head to Settings>Back up and Restore>Back up PS4. This will allow you to back up all the profile settings, saved data and captures. This will save you going through each individual save file to copy to the USB. Also, a nifty little thing they have introduced is the option to back up all of the installed applications. On the PS3, I had to delete all of the games for it to notice the saved game data and it was a laborious process. By un-ticking the box, the applications will not be saved and you will need to download from PS Store or the game discs.




It took about 20 minutes to back up around 4 1/2GB of data onto my USB and while the PS4 was doing this, I attempted to remove the casing on the Seagate as shown in the video. It doesn’t take long once you’ve got the knack. Swapping the hard drives is nice and easy, just remove a few screws and handle with care and you’re good to go. There are some guides on what hard drives will be suitable for the swapping so make sure you check the specs to make sure it will work. Just follow the video and all will be well.

Then comes the tricky part – reinstalling the System Software. This is gone through in the video however this did not seem to want to work for me. So Kuniku got on the case, tried another USB and did a google search. Now the website has the file ready to download to your computer/USB, but for some reason the Playstation wouldn’t recognise the update file. Kuniku headed to the Playstation support page where he downloaded the update from a different page and hey presto, it worked. Any other problems or errors may require another google search but this worked for us. Just make sure you only download from the official Playstation site though.

Once you’ve set up your profile again don’t be tempted to do much of anything apart from head to Settings>Back up and Restore>Restore PS4 and pretty much hit yes to everything seeing as the PS4 has no data on it at this stage. Once restarted, all of the profiles we had magically appeared and the task of downloading everything again can begin. I checked to make sure the saves were there by checking Settings>System Storage Management and all was in order with the added bonus of 1.73TB of free space remaining. HAPPY DAYS!

So now the downloading can begin and the PS4 will hopefully not explode in the process. If you were able to go for the cloud option, follow the video and you’ll be golden. Any problems, I probably wouldn’t ask me seeing as I don’t know a whole lot and pretty much just did the fiddly bit but it’s worth knowing if you hit a snag to share with others.

Xbox One folks, as I don’t have one and so do not have the experience, I found this page showing how to upgrade your hard drive too and there a few YouTube videos knocking around which should help you if you need some guidance.

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