LEGO Dimensions: LEGO Toy Pad

LEGO Toy Pad


“LEGO® Toy Pad for LEGO® Dimensions™ Unites Physical and Digital Realms through Unparalleled Interactive Puzzle Play”

The Toy Pad will be an interactive part of the LEGO Dimensions gameplay experience functioning as an additional game controller which will give you a unique way to interact with the toys and game throughout the experience. You will have the ability to add a combination of up to seven characters, vehicles and gadgets which will then be brought directly into the game. The pad itself will feature three distinct areas of RGB light technology which will produce an array of colours that will provide hints and open puzzles for the player to solve.

Two modes that you will have available to you are as follows:

SHIFT: When SHIFT is activated characters need to use coloured vortexes in the game to avoid danger or traverse areas, you as the player will need to move the required figure onto the correct coloured section of the pad to travel through the matching coloured vortex.

SCALE: players will also be able to shrink LEGO characters down to micro-size or up to super-size by again physically placing their LEGO Minifigure onto the correct coloured part of the Toy Pad. Through calling the player will be able to access new areas of levels that were previously unavailable and complete puzzles.


There will also be other modes available through the LEGO Toy Pad – CHROMA, ELEMENTAL and LOCATE. These will offer further challenges that require a level of interaction between physical and digital play never before seen in the toys to life category.

The following packs have also been revealed from Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. Portal Level Pack with a LEGO Chell minifigure, a The Simpsons™ Level Pack with a LEGO Homer Simpson minifigure and The Simpsons Fun Packs with LEGO Bart Simpson and LEGO Krusty the Clown minifigures, plus a Jurassic World™ Team pack with LEGO Owen and LEGO ACU trooper minifigures.


LEGO Dimensions will be launching September 29th 2015 and will be available for Xbox One, PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®3 computer entertainment systems and Nintendo Wii U™ system. For a preview into the functionality of the Toy Pad and how it can be used you can check out the trailer below.

The LEGO game series has seriously done well for itself over the years and this latest instalment looks to be outstanding with such a wide range of characters, gadgets and vehicles at the players disposal. There will be multiple packs available spreading across fourteen brands and many of the items will be rebuildable for even more versatility. This is by no means going to be small game and has so much room for expansion. This is truly going to be a game that every LEGO fan and gamer is going to want in their collection.

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