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Perception – Unseen Horror

A couple of weeks ago the new horror game Perception was announced (apologies it has taken so long for me to get my butt in gear and share it with you all! Damn it Destiny!). The trailer has certainly caught the attention of a lot of gamers who have donated to the Kickstarter so this game can get out there. Bill Gardner, previously of Irrational Games, has set up a new studio, Deep End Games and is aiming to launch in 2016 on Steam.

From the developers who have brought you the glorious game design for Dead Space, Bioshock and Bioshock Infinite comes a stylish horror story in which you play a blind woman, Cassie. Cassie is haunted by visions of an abandoned mansion. Determined to discover the secrets of Echo Bluff, she embarks on a mission to the house with only her cane, smart phone and hearing to guide her. Using echolocation to paint a picture of her surroundings, you take Cassie through the house and find that all is not as it seems. Cassie is not alone and the Presence that inhabits the house is trying to seek her out.

But that’s not all. As you take try to hide from the Presence, you must also piece the mystery together which will send Cassie back in time and show you the history of this haunting arena. The house changes too, just in case you hoped you would get used to the lay of the land so you could get away from the Presence nice and easily. Sound also alerts the Presence to your location so you have to weigh up whether tapping your cane to show your surroundings is worth the risk of being discovered.


Gardner is working with a good selection of experienced former Bioshock developers to bring the project to life and the style is certainly reminiscent of the Irrational spirit. As a big fan of the Bioshock franchise, this is certainly a title worth looking out for. If the target is reached, there would be a GTFO mode making it difficult to escape and I’ve spotted the ‘True Darkness Mode’ in which Cassie would lose her cane and rely on her footsteps…. I dislike this concept, but it would be insane!

The trailer got my heart pumping. Considering I have barely played Alien Isolation because of the cat and mouse style panic, Perception is taking it a little bit further. If I can physically get my heart rate down enough, I may be able to give this game a go when it’s released and the Kickstarter is doing well so far, but there’s still more to do. Check out the link above to see the Kickstarter page and more information on the project and the trailer below. (Images in the article are directly from the Kickstarter page, all credit to Deep End Games)

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