Fallout 4: Announcement Hype


So….something rather exciting just happened, alas it was not an explosion of HALF LIFE 3, PORTAL 3, LEFT FOR DEAD 3 or THE LAST GUARDIAN!!!!

As I’m sure all of that combined with the announcement of FALLOUT 4 would itself cause a nuclear fallout of epic proportions, just from the heat created from the extreme fapping that would be going on. So we have to settle with just a Fallout 4 premier, and that is an easy settle to take. I play a Fallout game every year without doubt, I put time aside every Christmas to play this series. Some people around that time like a good sing song around the pianni, or to watch home and alone. I like to tell me loved ones to leave….NOW!, I then spend countless hours getting sucked back into this world with my trusty ally, Whiskey. So I am a fan, I am excited and I am going to give you a brief rundown of the fallout 4 premier and what I think and hope.


We have had suspected info leaks, destination scouting, fake websites and the trolls…but we are here…we are finally here. For the 3:03 of footage we get, it was all worthwhile. Lets take another adventure back into the wastelands with what looks like another faithful canine companion “brain intact lets hope”. A brief viewing shows us “as before” another dog ally, with hopefully many more diverse characters to ally with. Some beautiful, much needed upgrades of scenery, that will hopefully take full advantage of the new consoles power. With the rumours of it being set in Boston and a the shot of the brotherhood of steel armour in this trailer, many are hoping for the brotherhood and the enclave to be heavy set factions in the game, what with the commonwealth being mentioned in fallout 3.


What caught my attention during the whole reveal though was the constant flashbacks to the moments people were living their lives, then hearing of the war on the radio, to then being rounded up and put into the now infamous vaults. Does this suggest we get to live through the moments before the bombs dropped, we got an artificial look in fallout 3, but perhaps now we can experience the life before fully. This has been a brief excitement by Chris Bradford, now that we finally have a fallout 4, lets all just look at our computers and shout HALF LIFE 3. Im sure it has the same rules as the candyman…without the brutal murder.



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