Color Guardians: One For The Family


I recently had the chance to try out and review Color Guardians and swiftly had the controller removed from my hands by my kids. It is one of the first PS4 titles that I have owned that the whole family (ranging from 4 – 30) have enjoyed, especially at the times that I failed crossing a bridge or running into a wall which brought much to the amusement of the kids. This game brings back the classic side scrolling adventure that I remember from when I was first getting into gaming. There is one thing to note that this might look like a simple side scroller but it is a challenging one and you find yourself returning to check points often and replaying a level just to get that extra star (No one likes having only 2 stars at the end of level!). As I said previously actually reviewing this game was not easy as I was forced to wait for my turn between three small people who were truly captured by the ease of play and fun levels. Even from their opinions the only complain I heard was that is a bit difficult at times but it didn’t take them long to work as a team and come out winning at the end.


So just what is this colourful, fast paced and beautiful game all about? Colour Guardians is a brand new title from Fair Play Labs. You start off in the colourful world of TerraColor which soon has the colour sucked out of it by  the evil colour thief Krogma (Booo!) The worlds only hope are the three heroes Rod, Lia and Grock who are as you might have guessed, made of paint. You will be challenged over five worlds and around seventy levels in your journey to restore life to your home of TerraColor. The game as I said before is easy to pick up and learn but to master this is another story. You will need to have a quick eye and forward thinking to make it through each level and collect all the paint balls. The paint balls that you will cross will change between the three colours of the guardian and you will need to make quick decisions to switch your guardian to the correct colour to collect them. This becomes more and more of a challenge as you need to swap lanes and colours in quick succession. The game also has some well themed music that fits in perfectly with this kind of playful and bouncy adventure which has come from Benedict Nichols. Music in games never really seems to get the thanks it always deserves for something that is such a solid part of any great game.


Color Guardians is all about having fun and will offer you plenty of rewards for getting through each map, so if you are a player who enjoys unlocks such as concept art, music and trophies (including the much-loved Platinum trophy on PS4) then this will be a great game to add to your collection, or if you are like me and enjoy sharing the gaming lifestyle with your family this will have you all laughing hard as you challenge to beat each other on levels or work together to get past the bits that the younger may struggle to get by. there really is nothing like having kids mocking you for thinking they are better than you to actually go and prove it. Even though this has been reviewed on PS4 the game is multi-platform and is available not the following devices Steam PC and Mac, PS4 and PS Vita. The PS4 and PS Vita versions of the game come with added bonus of Cross­Buy and Cross­Save, so you can take your adventure wherever you go.


Fair Play Labs are a young and upcoming game development studio located in C​osta Rica,​ they list themselves as company focused on building and developing games that are casual yet engaging, the kind of games that you can put down after a level (If you are not too drawn in) that will reach and attract anyone from the age of 8 – 80, I have already proved that they have even struck an audience as young as 4! You can see from the design of their first release that they want to capture your attention visually but truly challenge you mentally. For a first release they have in my opinion reached the exact goal they were aiming for and I hope to see a lot more released from them in the future and so do the kids. If you want to know more about them and keep up with all their news you can find them below.

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