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Zombie Army Trilogy – Reise Reise

Since coming out a couple of months ago, Zombie Army Trilogy has been a game to jump in and out of at times when you just need to unleash a little rage on some stinking rotten corpses. If you are looking for political correctness however, this is probably not the game for you! Still, due to all the games that we’ve had on the go, I haven’t had a chance to sit down and let you know about it, so here you go…

Sadly, I did not play the original games so I’m making up for lost time now and Rebellion have made it so that you can get the most out of killing the crap out of Nazi Zombies. The concept seems to work very well in films and as Call of Duty’s zombie mode has proven, gamers like to take them out too. So Zombie Army Trilogy, now all neatly complied into 15 chapters of craziness will make any gamer who likes shooting Nazi zombies happy.


It turns out, even if you are playing this on your own, the hordes of zombies can be quite tricky to negotiate alone so I have tended to join in online sessions with other player so as not to give up part way through because I don’t have the skills! With campaign and horde both available in single player and multiplayer, you can choose to go it along or compete with your friends. As this is pretty much Sniper Elite with a rotten flesh skin all over it and of course, Demon Hitler, it does exactly what it says on the tin.

Overall, the game play is pretty simple. Third person shooter with the ability to aim down the sights and blast away the zombie scum. Critical shots get the nice slow motion panning kill camera allowing you to basque in the glory of the one head shot you managed to get. All your usual buttons in all the usual places make it easy to run around lobbing grenades and kicking the dead down to make them…. well dead again. It takes a while to get used to the aiming as the gun sways with your breath to make it a little more ‘realistic’ (or as close as possible seeing as you are shooting at hordes of the undead). Head through all the checkpoints, stopping off in safe rooms to ammo up and prepare for the next wave that’s moaning their way towards you. If you are playing with others, be sure to revive them if you can, it is a case of needing every possible person taking out the shambling bodies so you do not get overrun. The ‘team chat’ is automatic so you can communicate with other players although this might not be handy if you are from a different country and don’t speak the lingo so just be prepared for that.


The characters are a nice touch, all with slightly comedic qualities and a nice mix of male and female so you don’t get stuck with just being G.I. Joe. Also you can choose your weapon load out to suit your needs even down to the grenades and dynamite and in the safe rooms you can switch your weapons if you didn’t like to first pick. Don’t forget to search the corpses of the recently re-deceased too for ammo and other weapons. You can select the chapter you want to do meaning you can mix it up a little if you don’t like to be dictated to on how to play your game but be warned, it is worth doing the earlier levels first just to get used to it all as the later rounds get a little intense if you don’t know what you’re up against. You have your different tier zombies too, from foot soldier to elites and pesky buggers with chainsaws who just love to spin right round baby, right round.

My only real issue with the game is that I don’t really enjoy playing alone which I mentioned earlier. It has been my preference to jump into matchmaking on a random chapter to play with other folks who fancied a slice of the zombie action. The hordes were a little over powering after a couple of checkpoints so I have appreciated the helping hand. But the matchmaking is something that has gradually improved as the time has gone by since release with people getting kicked or just getting thrown into the middle of it all just for the rest of the team to leave. Still, having some friends along will hopefully get you through the impending doom leading up to you taking on head Hitler and his generals.


It’s a good bit of fun this game, but it isn’t something which I have been unable to put down. Jumping on for the occasional round is about as engaged as I have been due to not being the best at the Sniper Elite style play. So do give it a go if, like me, you didn’t get a go the first time around. Available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC now, get involved and take on the Nazis (if that tickles your fancy).

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