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Assassin's Creed Syndicate Reveal

After a few information leaks over the last couple of days, Ubisoft have just had their official reveal for Assassins Creed Syndicate heading to Xbox One and PS4 on October 23rd with PC heading to us in Autumn 2015. I for one was avoiding every leak I could prior to the reveal at 5pm today because it completely ruins the hype and I want to hear it from the developers. So what did they have to say?

Well it is set in London in 1868. A lot of people so far seem to be a little disappointed that ‘Victory’ is no longer the title but it seems to me that it doesn’t seem to suit the story following the reveal. You will play at Jacob Frye, raised by the assassins, alongside your twin sister Evie who is reported to be a playable character. Their mission is to empower the working classes and utilise the boroughs they liberate to their advantage against the Templars. Jacob sports his updated assassins gear and some pretty sweet looking knuckledusters which shows he likes to get in there and fight. Throwing knives, a revolver and a pretty deadly looking knife (the Crocodile Dundee kind) are also among his weaponry. The cane with the bird head looking thing hasn’t had a mention yet but I’m sure it will have some sort of significance later on. Definitely my kind of assassin.


From the pre alpha footage, you can see the sights of London in all of it’s 19th Century glory in the times of the industrial revolution and I have to say, it looks pretty damn good. You have new vehicles in the form of horse drawn carriages which you can use to get around and assassinate your enemies (there was a mention of running them down too). You still have your trusty eagle vision to help work out your attack plan and the best bit of the whole thing? YOU CAN WHISTLE AGAIN! I am seriously excited for this because there is nothing worse than having to wait 5 minutes for someone to come by the bush you’re hiding in when you could attract their attention.

Combat looks to be heading back in the direction of Black Flag with developers stating that it’s smoother and faster than ever before. From the footage it certainly looks to be. We did not get to see much of the parkour but hopefully it will continue the smooth combat and be less clunky like in previous titles in the series. Either way, if the combat is back up to scratch then I’ll certainly go hunting for a brawl. No mention of if we will have to take on Jack the Ripper though which I would really like to happen!!!

I must say that I am actually now incredibly excited for Syndicate. It seems that it has been noticed by other gaming websites that this is being advertised as Assassins Creed V (or 5 if you like) which does suggest they are placing Revelations, Unity and Rogue as stand alone titles. Make of that what you will but I’m looking forward to this. Think of Red Dead Redemption in London with steam punk and the Guy Ritchie look of Sherlock Holmes and you’re pretty much there.

Check out the youTube videos below and enjoy.


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