Bastion: A Strangers Tale (PS4)


Bastion is far from a new game as it originally came out in 2011 and has hit many consoles through that time but shamefully it has taken me up to the Playstation 4 release to try it out. I am happy to say that this title certainly worth the wait. I have actually had to share playtime on this with my kids and dad, so the game really appeals to gamers of all ages and skill sets. I will be honest and say that Supergiant Games have brought something very unique to the gaming world and not something I have really seen done in this way before. It might have quite simplistic gameplay but that is no way a negative point.


This game is beautiful to say the least, offering a really artistic painted setting with such vibrant colours which builds and crumbles around you, pretty impressive for an end of the world setting in a game. The soundtrack is perfectly fitting for the setting of the game, it has a very western lonely feeling to it which works well for the end of the world scenario that you are playing through and is something you could imagine having on in the background while doing other activities (such as writing reviews). For storytelling I am yet to see a game that has taken this route before. You are guided through your journey by a man known as “The Stranger” voiced by Logan Cunningham. This Stranger will dictate in a past-tense on pretty much every move and choice you make in the game from what is coming up in the world and to what actions you take such as smashing up the scenery on screen (some of the comments put a smile on my face). Normally a tale is told through cut scene or text but this brings a really nice new twist to it.


The game starts where you wake up as “The Kid” the main character you will be playing through on this adventure. There is literally nothing around you except for a small room with a door. When you stand up and move forward the world around you starts to build in a clever fashion mapping out the path that you must take. You are soon destined to meet the Stranger at the Bastion, a place that was agreed to meet if things were to go wrong which they clearly have. Here you are set the task to rebuild the broken world around you through travelling to other islands allowing you to rescue survivors, creatures and build new buildings such as an armoury and distillery.


The gameplay as I said at the start is your normal basic hack and slash but it feels right for the setting and is a great Action RPG. You will be able to build up your arsenal as you progress and upgrade weapons and powers and take on some great challenges. You can play the story as you feel and either go through the main story only or take on the side quests and learn more about “The Calamity” that brought such destruction onto the world around you. One warning I will put out to new players is to watch where you roll, I have fallen off the path so many times (more than my kids I am sure) and the Stranger has commented on it multiple times. If you are looking for a game that you don’t need to think about too much and can just sit back and enjoy then this really needs to be on your list. It offers so much to the player and will easily make you play through it more than once.

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