Fighting Games -Journey Of Discovery-

Hi Guys


Its been sometime since I’ve posted, I have been super busy manly due to Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign-

This game has been out almost 3 months in america (no European Release but thanks to Sony generally not having region locks on their game Japaneses and American Version of the games work fine). In Japan this game has been out in arcades for almost 6/7 months

But this is where things get complicated, the Japanese arcade version is not the same as the American console version, but at the moment the Japanese arcade has had and update and now have a newer version to the game then the console version. The console will get this update but no news on release date.

Regarding all of this one of the new updates is a character called Leo Whitefang, a character that I have chosen to use. As Guilty Gear as been around for years most player have played characters from older Guilty Gears. For myself this is my first Guilt Gear game and Leo was a character I liked the look of.

With new characters to fighting games there is always an element of discovery as people try to figure out strategy, tech and playstyles for the character. I have dived in head first by making a google.doc to document all the information I have found and discovered. I have asked for the help of other Leo players from all over the world and together the Guide is coming along nicely.

This is common when something new enters a fighting game, it helps with people playing or against a new character. this is the first time I organised such an in-depth guide for a character, and at the moment I would say I am only at 10% regarding the information I want in the guide.

I’ll leave a link so any fighting game players can check it out and even if you’re not into fighting game it might be interesting to check out to see what goes in to trying to understand a new character.

I’ll be back soon with some more Fighting Game new, until then take care guys.

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