FNF: Season 2 Weeks 7 & 8

I’ve been a bit slack and am having to combine weeks 7 and 8 into one rushed post before week 9 kicks off tonight.

Week 7 was an interesting one, we had a few new faces in the USF4 tournament as people were visiting the guys at Xtreme Gaming and fancied taking part. So although it was supposed to be one of our ‘quieter’ weeks it was actually fairly busy. Conversely Week 8 was supposed to be a busy one and was our quietest to date.

Having new faces is always interesting, as you don’t know how good they may or may not be. Everyone was having fun partaking in some casuals before the tournament kicked off, and my confidence was building as I was winning left right and centre – most importantly beating my brother who has been tricky.

Once the tournament kicked off the two new guys Talos and Leos faced off for some friendly rivalry which made for some entertaining fights off the bat. Kinneas and my brother, Xerte, and then Starbuck and myself finished off the first rounds, with Kinneas and myself advancing while Starbuck and Xerte dropped down to losers along with Leos.

Talos met Krazyboy who had had a first round bye. Talos was starting to look like a dark horse as he easily dispatched Krazyboy 2-0. Next I met Kinneas, and was feeling confident from doing well in casuals, but for whatever reason my execution was nowhere to be seen and I was knocked to losers.

This left Talos and Kinneas in Winners Finals, which we’d come back to later. At the start of the Losers bracket things kicked off with Xerte and Starbuck. Starbuck continued to show improvement, claiming a couple of rounds from Xerte, but ultimately still wasn’t quite there as he was defeated 2-0. I fought off against Leos, winning 2-0. The last fight of the second round of Losers was Krazyboy and Xerte, and again Xerte stole an easy victory.

Losers Semi finals saw the inevitable weekly rematch between me and my brother. Kuniku and Xerte kicked off and again I was confident as my brother had not beaten me once in casuals earlier. But apparently in tournaments my execution doesn’t take part as I messed up several potential round winning ultras… and my brother advanced into the Losers Final.

Starting the finals saw Kinneas and Talos face off, Kinneas didn’t take it lightly on the new comer, winning three straight games. Losers final was Xerte and Talos, everyone expected Xerte to take it easily, but his Rolento had no answer for Talos’ fierce shoryukening and managed to defeat Xerte 3-1.

The Grand Final was a repeat of the Winners Final, Kinneas easily marched away with another 3-0 victory to take first place.

Week 7 USF4 Top 3

  1. Kinneas
  2. Talos
  3. Xerte

Week 7 SG Top 3

  1. Xerte
  2. DW|Kuniku
  3. Kinneas


Week 8 was our quietest yet, and just saw round robins between everyone instead of a regular bracket tournament.

Week 8 USF Top 3

  1. Kinneas
  2. DW|Kuniku
  3. Samiam

Week 8 SG Top 3

  1. Kinneas
  2. DW|Kuniku
  3. Samiam

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