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Assassins Creed Unity…. A brief reflection.

After writing my ‘First Impressions’ (find here!) in December, I have now finished the story for Assassins Creed Unity and wanted to top off my previous post with a little short and sweet conclusion! I put it off for a long time due to, well let’s face it… Destiny. But I finally sat down and decided that I had to get through it.

The reason I was a little hesitant to continue was due to my initial underlying disappointment that Ubisoft churned out the ‘cash cow’ it has before it was ready. Which for a big fan of the series, like me, concerns me that they aren’t taking the pride in the franchise that they once did. I really hope this isn’t the case. But with the next game ‘Victory’ rumored for release in the holiday season, I’m almost reluctant to buy into it until I know what I’m in for and that they haven’t made the same mistakes again. Just to clarify, I am not having a pop at Ubisoft, it is more of an expression of concern for a series I do enjoy playing and I have invested many hard earned pennies on! So, with the creases mostly ironed out, I have pursued the story with gusto and successfully completed it! With a 41% completion overall, there is clearly still a lot to do and I still have not had the chance to try out the co-op yet due to having no friends who seem to play the game(boo hoo)! With murder mysteries to solve, chests to find and all the other little bits and bobs to do, there are hours of gameplay left to go through. In a way, this is great and in some ways I wonder if I will get a chance to do everything but that is only because there are so many games we have to play, one of which is Assassins Creed Rogue which I have yet to start, eek!


But without giving anything away, what about the story and the ending? It was good. Predictable in someways, inevitable in others but still good. After running around for many missions being extra sneaky and creating distractions because of all the high level guards who make things difficult for you, the final fight is a little bit weak mainly because it turns out to be quite easy. Fortunately I managed to do it in one go without having to restart the checkpoint which was nice but once you’ve picked the right moments to strike, it is wrapped up quite quickly. The main story line was about the right length with enough investigation and assassination missions to satisfy any fan of the Creed. With varied ways of doing the missions by creating distractions, using infiltration opportunities and killing some poor bloke for keys to the back door, it does allow you to test out the best way of doing it for you…. Especially if you die a lot like I do. This is mainly because Arno does not do what you tell him to! The parkour in the game did feel very clunky throughout and it didn’t really improve much considering it was meant to be smooth and a move forward from Black Flag. Still, I do like that Ubisoft have tried to make it a little less linear by letting you choose your approach which hopefully makes it feel a little more open than in previous games. Also, there is no ‘Animus’ to jump in and out of to do other side missions and the rifts in time which send you to another period in the history of France as quite fun snippets and graphically stunning too.

I have enjoyed the game despite the early problems and the patches which have now made things like the companion app, good for toilet time gaming, redundant unless you really want to keep sending assassins off on missions have improved things slightly. If I find myself alone on a rainy Sunday afternoon with nothing to do, I will probably work my way through the districts to clear up all the side missions and crack on the the Dead Kings story. I like the attempts by Elise to gently tempt and tease Arno with the idea of being a Templar and using his quest for vengeance to make it a possibility of becoming a reality. The villains are particularly horrible and make your skin crawl a little which helps when you are trying to end their tyrannous ways. The historical aspect is also good, although this did come under some criticism from historians but it is not meant to be an exact verbatim account of the French Revolution, it’s a story. After all, I’m pretty sure Napoleon was not seen with a hooded chap wearing bright pink and green military outfits and holding a very shiny Gold sword…. because in my world of Unity, he did!


My main thought overall is, Unity can’t compete with Black Flag. I was dreading the sailing aspect when it was announced but because pirates are fun and Edward seemed like a fun chap to play, I gave it a go and I actually think it is probably the best and most enjoyable of the series because it felt smooth, polished and you got to blow up ships! Don’t get me wrong, Arno is great and Ezio will always be my favorite character of them all, but I loved playing Black Flag and kept playing it even after the story had finished. In order for fans to keep coming back, Ubisoft need to think hard about what they are going to do with ‘Victory’. I imagine it will have something to do with Jack the Ripper and the darker side of the monarchy, which would be interesting, it just needs to be get back to the standard they reached in Black Flag. This is only my opinion of course, I’m not knocking the game because I did enjoy it overall, but Unity just didn’t make me feel that way which is a shame.

I’ve noticed that Unity is around £25 at the moment in many stores so it is worth picking up if you have a PS4 or XBOX One and have been hesitant thus far. If you are a true fan of the series, you can look past the early problems and enjoy the story as I have (even if it doesn’t seem the case). Take in the sights because the graphics are stunning and try to do a little bit of everything to get the most out of it. It does a allow you to choose the way you do the main missions which has not been so much of an option in the previous games and there are some great upgrades to obtain to tailor to your playing style. There are lots of weapons to play with and try out so it does give you the chance to mix things up a bit and not just stick with the same ‘loadout’. It is a good game and I have enjoyed it overall, I look forward to playing Dead Kings and then getting stuck into Rogue before the next game is released. So go on, give it a go if you like the idea of immersing yourself in the French Revolution, viva la liberte and all that!

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