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EA offering up Bullfrog classic "Syndicate" free via Origins

EA have been on a bit of a roll in recent times with offering free games on a number of platforms and the latest game to be offered free is the 1993 classic Syndicate from Bullfrog Productions.



Syndicate is a single player isometric real-time tactical game in which the player takes command of a 4 man cyborg cell in pursuit of mission objectives which include rescues, assassinations and the persuasion of civilians to join your side.

Progress is made through the research and development of new weaponry and upgrades, this all however costs money. funds are raised through the taxation of conquered territories but be warned – over taxation may cause those territories to rebel against you…

So if you feel like a blast from the past or looking to try something a little retro then head over to the origin website and download it while its available as EA haven’t put an availability time-scale on this offer

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